AIG Links High Casualties in Police to Fraud – AllAfrica

The Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, Zone 6 Command with headquarters in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, Mr. Jonathan Johnson, Tuesday linked the high number of policemen now dying in the force to fraudulent activities being practised in the system.

Johnson, who made the remarks in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, during a visit to the state police command, said: “If you investigate our men, you will discover they are armed robbers. They are not contented with what they have.

“The police officers are the ones selling ammunition to criminals, aiding and abetting, turning cases upside down, conniving with suspects, and engaging in conspiracy.”

According to him, “We go to the road to extort money from people, engage in illegal business, and liaison with armed robbers,” threatening that if any police officer is caught in anti-social acts, he or she should expect dismissal.

“No criminal has lived in his criminality and will never be caught. If you want to live in palaver, you will die in palaver,” he said. The AIG also expressed sadness over the activities of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the force, noting that corruption was entrenched in the unit, complaining that the same police officers, who were supposed to be crime detectives were the same people giving information to hoodlums for the killing of their colleagues.

He recalled one of the incidents that occurred in the northern part of the country, where he said a policeman gave information to the community in Nasarawa State, which led to the criminals ambushing security operatives on rescue mission in the area resulting in many casualties.

Besides, the AIG noted with concern that police officers have now turned themselves to security guards to individuals and corporate bodies without any authority from their superior. “The police officers turn themselves to security guards for individuals and corporate organizations without the authority assigning them.

“They also go on illegal duty for the purpose of extorting money from drivers and motorists”, Johnson stated declaring that the ranks and files of the Nigerian police live on ungrateful nature.

Policemen, he said, are no more commanding the needed respect from members of the public because of the way they carried themselves. “We have turned tyrannical to the public that is why we receive condemnation everywhere we go.