Car Theft Victim Accuse Police Officers of Extortion, Bribery

A Chevrolet Equinox, black in Colour with Registration number: Delta (EFR 375 AE) and Chassis No:2CNDL23F756044110 was snatched at gunpoint from one Odafe Egere on Wednesday 10th July 2013 at No; 5 Momoh Street, off Ovie palace road Effurun, Delta State, by 10:30pm. Shortly after the robbery the crime was reported to the Ebrumede police station in Effurun Delta state being the closest police station to the crime scene.

Odafe thinks the police is not being honest to him; he feels betrayed. Meanwhile, the police says they are on-top of the situation.

Odafe narrates his ordeal with the Ebrumede Police Officers:

“The IPO and DPO collected some cash that night promising to use the cash to fuel their patrol cars to launch a search; unfortunately they pocketed the cash and did nothing”.

“Both the Ebrumede IPO and DPO also promised to radio the central command in Asaba the Delta state capital ASAP to enable the central command to signal all units and patrol teams in the state and also
extend the signal to all state capitals in the country to inform their respective units and patrol teams. Sadly they did not send any alert to Asaba central command”.

“From advice of friends and sympathisers, I made a hand bill with the details of the car and started moving from village to village doing my own search and distributing the hand bills as I was advised that sometimes the robbers do abandon snatched cars after using it to complete their mission”.

“During my search to a village called Orogun in Delta state on Sunday 28 July 2013 almost three weeks after my Jeep was snatched, I met a patrol team, the leader of the patrol team advised me to contact Asaba
central command by myself to confirm if they have circulated the signal because they did not receive any such signal of a snatched Jeep on their patrol radio, the leader assured me that if Asaba central command had sent the signal they would have receive it because they are all linked to the Asaba central command radio signalling system”.

“First thing on Monday 29 July 2013 I set out to Asaba, during the Journey I was still looking out for my jeep. On arrival at the Asaba central command communication department I inquired from them about any such signal was sent to them from the Ebrumede police station, after going through their signal log from the robbery date on 10 July 2013 to date they confirm no signal was ever sent to them from Ebrumede police station”.

“My going to Asaba made me discover that actually the IPO and DPO at Ebrumede police station did nothing and were just lying to me all along”.

“Even the Asaba central command officers were furious as to why the Ebrumede IPO and DPO had refused to contact them after the crime was reported to them”.

The DPO Ebrumede side of the story:

The DPO Ebrumede made the following submissions via a phone conversation on the issue with a reporter on Thursday July 31, 2013;
 That he sent the signals round the state police commands as promised.
 That he is in good terms with Odafe ; “we spoke yesterday” he said.
 That he is currently working out additional modalities to enable
Odafe get his jeep back.
 That he introduced Odafe to a car tracking firm to help in tracking
and finding the jeep.
 That he never charged or receive any money from Odafe.

What do you make of the submissions of both party? Who among the two do you think is honest?