Petition against Area M Iganmu Nigeria police officers

“My name’s Akinremi and I am writing this petition against Area-M Police Station, Idimu Lagos State. There are officers in that police station who do absolutely opposite of the police job.

The level of embarrassment and harassment that these people cause has become very alarming, for crying out loud. They get into yellow commercial buses and begin to drive everywhere; even outside their jurisdiction, just looking for young guys to extort money from in false and forceful ways.

Should we wear rags out and look dirty or unkempt because we’re scared of being harassed by the police, or should young men not drive in cars again because the police would brand you a fraudster on sight? Why is this happening?

Their acts and deeds have become very annoying, I keep wondering; why would a police officer check your phone, read your messages, check your pictures, and even send messages to your contacts. I thought we had freedom of movement and rights as civilians in Nigeria.
Why then should our so-called police officers who are supposed to be protecting us be the ones we run away from? This has got to stop because it’s an absolute act of rights and freedom denial.

They always demand for bribes and non-compliance attracted serious punishments. Most times they level up all sort of accusation on you and put you behind bars. These police officers should be stopped.

Few of them go by the names: Collins, Wunmi, Adebisi, Miss Grace, Tiger, Oba, Mukaila, Oracle.
These people are bad eggs in the Nigerian Police force and are not fit for whatever positions they hold in the force.

They are just a bunch of thieves in police uniform destroying the name of the force and dragging it in mud.
They should be dealt with. We Nigerians have had enough!

CR Akinremi