Complaint against DPO to IGP

The Inspector General of Police, 11th October, 2013.
Nigeria Police Force,
Force Headquarters,Petition;
Dear Sir,
This is to register my complaint against the DPO of Gwagwa Police Division for subjecting me to inhuman treatment and preventing me from having access to my client who was arrested by the men of his division on 10th October 2013.

On 10th October, 2013, the DPO sent his men to arrest my client in person of Sule M. Sule and who immediately alerted me as a result of which I followed him to the Gwagwa Police Division. We waited for more than three hours to see the DPO who was said to be out at the time of our arrival. When we were ushered in to the DPO he inquired about my presence and I introduced myself as a counsel to my client.

The moment I finished introducing myself, the DPO started shouting on top of his voice directing me to get out of his office. I pleaded with him to listen to me first but he refused and threatened to order his boys to throw me out insisting that as far as he was concern the matter has nothing to do with lawyer. He went on to say that even if heaven will fall, he must detain my client. In order to save myself from embarrassment, I decided to leave his office and wait while he interrogated my client in my absence.

After he had finished interrogating my client, he directed that he should write a statement and be detained.

I decided to go and see the DPO again and plead with him in order to settle the matter amicably. But the DPO without even allowing me to talk continued with his shouting that nothing on earth will stop him from detaining my client, and if I have any problem with his decision, I should go ahead and sue the Police Division. I left his office in order to attend to my client who requested me to be with him as he has been ordered to write a statement.

As my client was about to start writing his statement, the DPO came out from his office and directed that I should leave the Police Division. I told him I was there as a counsel to my client and since he was required to write a statement, it was his fundamental right for me to be with him. The DPO directed three of his men to throw me out of the Police Division. Three of his men in his presence squeezed my cloth, drag and pushed me out of the Police Division.

Sir, the Act of the DPO was quite despicable and a clear disregard to my fundamental human right to dignity of human person. I was humiliated in presence of many people at the Gwagwa Police Division on the directive of the DPO. I find this not really in tandem with what you have been preaching since when you became the IGP and more importantly, against all known laws of this country.

It is for this reason I decided to write and lodge a formal complaint to your good office as well as demand for a written apology from the said DPO for the humiliating treatment I suffered. I hope my complaint will receive the necessary attention it deserves.

Please accept the assurances of my highest regards.
Sunusi Musa Esq. Pnm.

1. The Chairman, Senate Committee on Police Affairs
2. The Chairman, House Committee on Police Affairs
3. The Attorney General of the Federation
4. The Chairman, Police Service Commission
5. The Executive Secretary, National Human Right Commission
6. The Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association, Unity Branch

  • Abubakar Aliyu

    I want the IG to tell me what I will explain to the children of my late brother, who was murdered on the 13th of April, 2014, right in his farm.
    i don’t know why the Agenebode Divisional Police Station should be telling me that the cuprites are still at large, while my entire family are there mouring, i want all those who have hands in the killing of Mr. Oseni Ekhameye be bring to book, for them to explain to Iviukhua Community the reason why they have to Stab my brother to death.