Several cases of people being unlawfully molested by officers of the Nigeria police force had gone unnoticed and unreported. Eniola Samuel Daniel went through an awful experience in the den of a police officer he identified as Fegbon Olabode on Sunday 16 Nov. 2013 on his way home from a church in Kosofe in Lagos.

He shares his experience
I was molested and treated like a Criminal by a Police officer, Fegbon Olabode and left with nothing to tell or conceive in my heart than pain and hatred for my own fatherland.

This is what happened, I was returning from church on this fateful day and when I got to the bus stop at Kosofe, I boarded a bus going to my destination (Oshodi) unknown to me that the driver had committed an offense that brought the present of a police officer into the bus. My thought was that the police was just a passenger going to the same destination.

After moving for 30 minute from where the bus took off, the police ordered the driver to stop the car and get everybody off the bus. This was beside barrack before Oshodi in LASTMA office and this happened at 12:50 pm. We started pleading on behalf of the driver. Some women eventually got fed up and started wrangling with the officer.

We continued to to plead with the police to allow the driver take us to where we are going or talk to the driver to refund our money so we can get another bus.

The officer rather surprised all of us with his response; the response was gruesome as he opened up tear gas on everyone, he called on his colleague and all the boys in the disputed bus were arrested including me.

How I was brutalized
I was hit with a gun and dragged to their base, I was slapped and beaten for doing nothing, I was tear-gassed the second time, hit with iron.

When their boss came around, Olabode (the police officer who arrested us) was asked why we are in their custody, he replied that many of the boys were taking pictures of him and some were recording, while I dragged his gun with him.

After much explanation, their boss, without any trouble, freed everyone to go home.

I am saying this because am having problem with hearing as I write you this, I went to the hospital but could not afford the hospital bill. I have nobody in Lagos, No lawyer; justice is not even in my support. I am in pain and I can not do anything to help my self. Many people are brutalized and killed for nothing in the hand of police.

Nigeria Police Watch condemn this reckless act of the police and call on all relevant authorities to ensure that bad eggs in the system are fished out and dealt with appropriately.