Police Turned Our Girls Into Sex Machines, Raid Youths” – Reader From Apapa Cries Out – Naij.com

Our reader, Bright Osas from Iganmu, Apapa, Lagos, sent us a message decrying the situation in his community. According to him, a police officer with Orile Iganmu Police Station, identified as ‘Alabi,’ has, along with his team, turned local girls into ‘sex machines’.

“From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., they [the police officers] raid the area. After raiding young men and women, they copulate with the girls. However, parents of the young men have to pay a certain sum of money to secure their sons’ release,” our reader narrates.

This practice is now a ‘basic occurrence in the community,’ Mr. Osas laments, adding that it is unjust that young men do not ‘hang out’ anymore to avoid being raided by the police officers.

“Happiness is a universal aspiration,” Mr. Osas maintains, before crying out, “Why must our police cause so much pain on us? We really want them to be brought to justice because of the frustration, confusion, depression and anger they’ve caused among the youths.”

Nobody wants to see their close ones raped or raided for no cause, he says. He describes the police within their community as ‘too kleptocratic,’ meaning that the law enforcement officers behave as they see fit.

Are you from the same area as Mr. Osas, have you been a victim/ an eyewitness of the local police indecencies? Do such actions happen in your area of residence? How do the authorities react?

Tell us your story.