Nigerian Police officers in Benin City accused of extortion, intimidation

It is sad to learn that some officers of the Nigerian police no longer protect and serve instead they extort money from it citizens. The following division namely, New Benin police division, SARS Benin, Zone 5 Adesuwa.

They now find pleasures in harassing and maltreating youth of Benin City. I was about entering my bank at Akpakpava when a bus blocked me from entering the bank. I was so afraid when I realized that it was the new Benin police division and they were not on uniforms just bullet proof AND GUNS and they ask me where I was going and I told them I am trying to retrieve my ATM CARD with the bank.

They forced me to enter the bus without any crime, they removed everything on me; my wallet and phone inclusive. They searched through my phones and they also saw a deposit slip of 40, 000 Naira with me. They asked where I got the money from and I said from my parents and that money was meant for my school fees. Immediately they put a false allegation on me that I am a fraudster popularly known as yahoo boy. They insisted that they will collect N20,000 thousand from me or they will send me to Abuja for fraud.

Please this is violation of human right. let the authority place a monitory team on the so called surveillance team


–SAMSON, Benin City