Crime alert! Annual ritual killings in Bori community to commence soon

A concerned citizen of Bori in Khana Local Government Area,Rivers State has alerted Nigeria Police Watch on a deadly practice that is set to take place any moment from now in his community – an annual ritual killing  masterminded by some elders of the community. According to him, this practice have thrived for more than half a decade without any intervention from security agents.

Nigeria Police Watch engaged him in a chat that reveals detailed information about the practice and people involved in it. In the chat ( as presented bellow) Nigeria Police Watch is represented as “NPW”.

Kalubabari Monday: I presume danger in Duburo community.
Kalubabari Monday: Security agency be inform
NPW: Hello Kaubabari
NPW: What kind of danger do you presume?

Kalubabari Monday: Ok,we had cases of kidnaping and Killing,every year,by a blood sucking family gang,this has being their habid every ending, as I chat you now,there plans already on ground to assasinate a man at Luutem compound.This gang comprises,the paramount ruler,Gbenene Nwibere,and Yiradee and Youth President. It is reliable,and I want the security agency to act now. Last year an elderly man was labeled and stone and beaten to death by same people,and no police arrest was done.I want the international community to come to our aid and save lives.I will testify against them.08061155275,thanks
NPW: Have you alerted the police?
Kalubabari Monday: No
Kalubabari Monday: Am. In Portharcourt now and I don’t have the D.P.0 number in Bori
NPW: You are not in Bori, how are you certain about this information
Kalubabari Monday: Its my Daddy called me to inform me,and that he is the one they are targeting now
NPW: How long has this group been killing people? And how many have they killed?
Kalubabari Monday: For more than five years now, just last year December a man was merly label and the next action was that he stone and beaten in an open compound square in Luutem Duburo.My Daddy,can inform u more. His no.08036492910
NPW: Do you know the accusations the labelled against your dad?
Kalubabari Monday: They just label you a bad name,so they said he has refuse to join them,so they instigate people against him without any curse ,once they hate you. What am telling u is real,they have succeeded in Driven away more fifty families from Luutem and have also killed many of them,hence they refuse to run away.It is an open thing and everybody knows who they are and fear them.They have succeeded in exchanging several of the youths destiny and use always for Evil action only in Luutem Compound.My Daddy has being but GOD has being keeping him.
NPW: Are you saying that once they think you are bad or against them, they kill you at the end of the year?
Kalubabari Monday: Yes,
NPW: What is the name of the man they killed last year and what did they say he did ?
Kalubabari Monday: Late mr.Nwieea Yorkinatee,they accused him innocently.Meanwhile no member of the community had said he any wrong to them.The man was a peaceful man.I know him
NPW: What do you mean when you say they accused him innocently.
NPW: What exactly did they accuse him of?
Kalubabari Monday: Ok,they called him names ,and accused him of witch craft,he never did it.Because no member of d community have caught him doing it.
NPW: Did they accuse your dad of witchcraft too?
Kalubabari Monday: No
Kalubabari Monday: They hated him for not joining them to kill,after several attempt to kill him has fail.They hate him
NPW: Is there a police station in your community?
Kalubabari Monday: No,it at Bori
NPW: How far is Boris from your community?
Kalubabari Monday: An hour becus of d bad road from my community
NPW: Finally, why do they choose end of years to kill people?
Kalubabari Monday: It may be connected to rituals ,t
NPW: Thank you for tipping us. We will do our best to ensure no life is lost any further in your community. While we conduct our independent verification of what you have told us, we will drag in NGOs that can help you push immediately. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend that you to report this matter to the nearest police station.

Nigeria Police Watch call on all relevant security agencies and civil society organizations to swing into action as soon as possible to avert this looming crisis and put to stop the annual abuse of human rights by as sect in Duburo community.