Nigeria Police Officers in Lagos robbed me at gunpoint – Folorunso

I write to report an abuse perpetrated by some police officers in Lagos state; it happens in Lagos almost on a daily basis but this time, I was the victim.

At about 4.30pm today (16-Dec-2013), we were accosted by four police officers (in mufti) along airport road from Oshodi, who wrongly accused us of driving ONE-WAY and that they were attached to Lagos State Task Force. They identified themselves with Nigerian Police ID card.

We inquired why there was no LASTMA official with them if truly they were attached to traffic task force (there was no convincing response) and we therefore did not succumb to them. They then decided we go to Makinde Divisional office with them but we insisted we would go to Akinpelu police Division so we can be sure of their identity and that they are not on illegal duty.

While we successfully took them to Church Street, two of them (the police officers) brought out Pistol and they were drunk. They insisted on taking N20,000 but they forcefully took N5,000 from me.

I successfully identified one of them as PATRICK ABAH.