An armed police officer has been caught on tape demanding Dollars from an offender

npwYet another video of a corrupt and armed Nigeria Police officer demanding bride from a member of the public has gone viral on the internet. This particular clip appears to have been secretly recorded with a camera disguised as an e-cigarette.

The officer in the video was stationed at Monument Bank at Egbeda Lagos Nigeria collecting bribe Money from an American all because he wore Fatigue green cargo pant (a military outfit).

In the clip, the yet to be identified police officer could be seen demanding for more Dollars from the victims, opting to go and make the conversion to Naira himself. He has a rifle with him while sitting at the owner’s corner of the car. At some point, he had threatened to take the victims to the station if they didn’t bring reasonable amount of money. “bring better thing, that one is not money, I don tell you finish o!” he said.


While applauding the bravery of the victim in recording this, it is noteworthy that some people in the past have been caught trying to secretly recorded such corrupt officers and the outcome have been very gruesome in such cases. Thanks yet again to social media though.

The video clip was uploaded on twitter by Naija Palava on 29/01/2013 and circulated by

Click here to watch it.