Illegal police road blocks/extortion spotted in Ora-Igbomina and Oan-Ekiti areas of Osun state

I wish to report the bad conducts of some officers of the Nigeria Police Force who are less concerned about the good image which the Inspector General of Police is building for the force. In defiance of the “operation no road blocks” policy of the present IGP, some officers have continued mounting road blocks and extorting money from motorist at Ora-Igbomina area in Osun State.

The the exact locations where these illegal roadblocks are mounted include Ora-Igbomina between Siraju Primary School (Ora town) and Oan-Ekiti town.

I have informed higher authorities using the contacts on your website but the roadblocks still operate till date.

These bad eggs within the police force who taint/mar the image of the police should be checked without further delay because they constitute a threat to citizens’ peace.
Thank you.
Wale S. from Osun.

  • ola

    Notorious police officers are also extorting money on roads in Ikere, Ekiti state. Some of them wearing traffic warder uniform and the other wearing black uniform. Please save us from this menace.


    • ade

      Yes. Motorist are suffering on this road