Two Nigerian police Mopol extorting motorists at Obanikoro expressway, Lagos

mopThere is a too-bad-to-ignore police activity going on along Obanikoro expressway in Lagos. Two men always on mobile police pants, black polo and T-shirt are extorting money from private car owners on a daily basis; they start their operations as early as 6:30am. They major in extorting money from only private motorists.  Once a private car is spotted, they jump into the car (if the driver is not willing to pay them) and prevent the driver from proceeding till they get out some money from him. I cordially approached one of them, he told me that they specialize on extorting private cars because those are the ones that have some cash to spare as of that early in the morning. He said that they started with commercial vehicles, but later discovered that the drivers hardly ‘settle’ them because they may not have made any money as at then. Their daily operations last till about 8am.
Residents and people who regularly use the route are very doubtful about the real identity of these men. We all keep wondering whether they are police officers or they are on their own molesting and extorting money from motorist unchecked by police authority. This is definitely a bad impression on the Nigeria Police Force.
These bad eggs must not be allowed to continue in service if they are saving officers. 

-Mr. Ugwu from Lagos