Nigeria police officer caught on camera brutalizing women

Officer Mohammed dipping woman in Mud water

Officer Mohammed dipping woman in Mud water

A police officer of the Mobile Police (Mopol) wing, Unit #20 Lagos state, was caught on camera brutalizing two women.

The video clip published on Apr 18, 2014 on Youtube clearly shows a woman being brutally treated by a police officer who dipped her severally in a mud water and later pointed his riffle at her. Threatening onlookers with a shot in the air, he moved on to brutalize another woman in the same vicinity. He later got a back up from his fellow officers who made sure he left the vicinity safely.

The officer was later identified as Tafa Mohammed, and the assault on the two women took place at Lewis Street, Lafiaji, Obalende on the Lagos Island.

Reports say the woman had refused to give Mohammed a piece of fish from her restaurant, hence she got the beating of her life.

The torture reportedly caused internal injuries for the victim. A crowd of bystanders, and pedestrians can be heard shouting their displeasure at both officers.

Torture and brutality by officers of the Nigeria police force is a common occurrence in Nigeria.

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