• Sam Bejenari

    am sure yo have seen the payment confirmation email from my bank …make the shipment of the item

    Here is the shipping address below

    Name: David Olasanmi
    Address : 24 mokola road about
    City : Ibadan
    State : Oyo
    Country : Nigeria
    Zip Code : 23402

    my bank await the shipping proof from you
    These are the details of the person making internet fraud.
    I fell and I in his place.

    shoot this pidaraz

    here is false document sent to me

  • Bekzod

    Please help me they are 2 people and i dont know maybe they kidded me maybe they are right but i can not pay 500$ so i want to get my money back or deliveriry my products

  • Bekzod

    Hello i am Bekzod from Ubekistan i need your help i talked with a guy name is Abdul Sola and he said he works in Lagos electon shop and they can delivery their products to abroad and i ordered a computer and galaxy gear2 and paid 200$ money but i did not get them yet so i need your help he said that he delivered so many products but i did not order them so he said i have to pay money angain about 500$ so i am afraid. Help me i want to get my products or my money to back

  • Just4funog

    Another scammer’s address is in Block 36, Adigun Street, ljeshatedo, Lagos, NIgeria + 23401. I sent out the phone on Monday 4-27-2015 and the delivery date is on 5-4-2015. It’s still in transit to Nigeria right now. The recipient’s name is Ginger Lee Zu. A Chinese woman in Nigeria. What a surprise! I hope the police in the Lagos area will look into this matter. ACtually, I want to report it to the Police in the area but don’t how to contact them by email. PLease help to put the scammer away. Too many people get burnt already! My number is 1-415-203-5436.

  • Richard Constable

    I sent an I-Phone 6 to a person in Ogun State who has not paid me nor it seems is going too, please be aware of these scammers

  • Edith Nezianya

    Hello,I was kidnapped at Ogwashi Uku by chief Ogbogodo at 1 Ogbogodo Anvenue,off Nepa Road Ogwashi-uku in Delta State,for a year in 2013,chained my hair shaved,starved,I was lucky to be rescued by the Delta State command,Kidnapping is rampant,even in the compound where I live,they smuggle people into a room with an iron door,the care taker is from Ghana with Yoruba’s oba Oyekan of Ilaro heads the kidnapping ring,they can kidnap you from the compound where you live,not every body that speak ibo is an ibo person stop being friendly or giving out your relatives or friends phone or Addresses to Yoruba,s,or Northerners,keep away from them,Reverend Oden,the assistant priest at st Micheals catholic church Demurin road Alakpere Ketu are from Jamaica,they are catholic priests,stop registering your names at the church,and stop riding on Okada,Elumelu from Onicha-Olona and Ochei from Issele-UKU in Oshimili local government areas df Delta State are not ibo,kidnapping in this area as well as Asaba is rampant,and in the villages Nwegbu,Okoji amd Onwuli are not from Illah town,and stop taking injections refuse it and buy medications from the Pharmacy,these nurses use Aids to inject you,keep hiding from these people we recognize as our enemies.
    From Edith Nezianya(miss)

    • Richard Constable

      What are the authorities doing about it? Have you reported it to them? If the authorities are not interested in your local area contact somebody of hire standing.

  • beesmommie3

    All of you idiots that fell for these Nigerian scammers got what you deserved. NEVER trust anyone on the internet. EVER!

  • james

    …Name..lola thomas…Country…Nigeria…State….Lagos…City…Ikeja….Zipcode…23401. Tried to scam me to send western union money to that name and address

  • Semen Russia

    Name: Maria Pavel
    Address: No 23 Bank Road,Dugbe
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo
    Zip Code: 23402
    Country: Nigeria.

    Trying of fraud from this address. Canon 300d. He asks to send the package to oho, & send fake letter from bank. get them or i make it loud international police fire theme.

  • Viktor

    Hello My name is Viktor I’m from Ukraine.
    I ordered the Nikon D7000 body camera site
    http://apostolovo.olx.com.ua/nikon-d7000-18-105mm-iid-577278807. Johnny Taylor
    from Britain,
    has issued the announcement of the sale of the camera. Advertisement states
    that the price of the camera $ 350. Price was suitable for me and I agreed.
    Johnny Taylor sent me details of where I was supposed to transfer the money – Western Union addressed Reciever Name: Sunday Iroh
    Country: United Kingdom Address: 2nd Floor 145-157 St John Street State:
    London Zip code: EC1V 4PY Amount: $ 350USD (Figure 1). Johnny introduced
    employee firm – http://www.techdna. Co.uk. Company address: Techdna Company Limited UK
    Address: 2nd Floor 145-157 St
    John Street State: London Postal Cost: EC1V 4PY Country of origin: United
    Kingdom Company Registration No: 06685310 VAT Registration Number: GB 941 928

    Telephone: +44 (0) 8454 755 362 Fax: +44 (0) 8454 755 361 (check in Figure 2).
    Money I have listed. A few days later, Johnny said he was wrong and gave me the
    essential elements of the new details Western Union but only in Nigeria.
    Spending money again, I posted on the $ 250 bill. Johnny said that the $ 100
    payment to me for the fact that he confused the details. After that Johnny sent
    Tracking Number 1400504626 which can be tracked online
    http://nexpacklog.com/trac.php. The figure shows what happens with the load. At
    customs in Poland
    parcel stopped. After that Johnny sent me an email that’s such a message
    (Figure 3). I refused to pay such a sum. I ordered a camera and the company
    sent 10. I was shocked, but Johnny assured me that it was a mistake of the
    company (the text of our conversation, attached in two ways: 1 – home
    correspondence, 2 – working) I have to pay $ 1,450. I do not have that kind of
    money. I ordered just one camera, he sent 10, it’s not my fault. Johnny said
    that the problem can be solved only if I pay all the 10 cameras. I refused, and
    then he started to blackmail me. Johnny said that if I do not pay, the camera
    will be confiscated at customs and I do not get anything. After I paid $ 250
    Johnny I still have $ 100 that I needed but Johnny assured that sending $ 100
    it will solve all the problems and I’ll get all 10 cameras – to believe him, I
    sent him to name MONDAY FLORENCE (www.facebook. com/florence.monday1) State:
    Lagos City: Ikeja Country: Nigeria – the last 100 dollars – in response I got –
    that $ 100 for the custom in Poland picked up.Naturally he did not settle the
    issue. Johnny has again started to push me and demand money or I would not get
    my camera. 07/06/2014 Johnny wrote me. He asked to pay $ 600 and then
    everything will be fine and I’ll get all 10 cameras. I borrowed the money and
    decided to send him the amount which he had requested. I sent $ 600 to the same
    address in the name MONDAY FLORENCE
    it’s page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/florence.monday1). After I paid, the
    goods moved on but then got stuck on the border of Ukraine. I turned back to Johnny.
    This time he did not want to listen to me referring to the alleged employment.
    Meanwhile, I began to make inquiries about the company on the internet that my
    camera shipment. I figured out what
    works Nigerian-British system of extortion – the seller says they are a big
    company and they have a site on which only good things about their work. Johnny
    even sent them letters (a file folder – diplomas company) – promise delivery
    within 2-3days – paying the right amount of money they say that sent the goods
    here through this company nexpacklog.com – pointing my Tracking Number 1400504626
    can all be found in the file named – Tracking Number – 1400504626. Through some
    time goods brake on one of the transit points – for the reason that you need to
    pay for the goods duty money. Johnny very long begged and vowed that all is
    well and I believed him – paying 10.06.2014 borrowed from friends I sent $ 600 in the name MONDAY
    FLORENCE – everything was good but the customs now in Ukraine again stopped
    goods and Johnny asks already $ 750 . – Recognizing that the Internet is a scam
    I offered him to return all my money in the amount of $ 1,050 – but as you can
    see from our correspondence, he further assured me that this is a problem in
    customs in Ukraine
    – I did not believe him offering to give me back my money, he refused . I
    learned by IP address address
    (http://speed-tester.info/ip_location.php) where and where he wrote it was the
    city of Lagos inslfnd NIGERIA – most likely a bank and
    Johnny Taylor-MONDAY FLORENCE is a bank employee who deceives people. In Figure
    (8) shows where writes Johnny Taylor. Company Techdna Company Limited UK –
    says that nothing is sent and they do not have such equipment. The company that
    sends the goods did not return calls. I contacted the Ukrainian police but they
    advised me to apply to you. I hope very much for your help in this situation, I
    need to get my money back and punish him for what they’re lying to people. All
    our correspondence and information I received from Johnny Taylor I’m attached
    to the letter.

    Regards Viktor

    email: jamb.88@mail.ru

  • Jeanette Eblogen

    Hello,I am from the state of Israel and I was scammed by the name Jacob Olumide Carter,beware of this man he is a scammer idiot.
    Here are the address he gave:
    Jacob Olumide Carter
    Down town hotel
    124 road,Ibadan Ikeja,Ilupeju Lagos
    Zip code: 23401,Nigeria

  • Hanna

    Hello I am from S. Korea and the scammer from Nigeria was trying to entice the paypal scam after I posted an ad for a new macbook air sale. Following is the address I asked in advance with some BS excuse requiring to know about shipping info from our country.

    Alexander O.A
    Address:#32ROAD, NAVYBLOCK2, FLAT10,Festac Town, Lagos,
    City: Lagos
    State: Lagos State,
    Zip Code:400001
    Country: Nigeria

    Anyone else had this name pop up?

  • Ryan Gallano

    please help me.

    i ordered a nikon d5100 to a person named AURELIO MORETTI. until now he’s not sending the camera to me. please do some way to caught this person to send back my money.

  • Patryk

    Watch for the person called:

    Name : Shola Akintunde
    Address : 14 Ayinke street Ladipo Oshodi
    City : Ikeja
    State : Lagos
    Zip Code : 23401
    Country : Nigeria
    Phone Number: 08033661093

    She tried to chat me buying the wedding dress. She said she payed through PayPal but the confirmation PayPal emails are from other domain, not paypal.com.



  • Dre Peters

    Well, onto the next thing, http://goo.gl/PgFXvb is a place to read about to help save people to sammers.

  • Eamonn Stevenson

    Hi I’m contact from Ireland – i’m sorry to say my son has also been Scammed – He has just today posted a mobile iphone 4s to James Brown (james.b401@yahoo.com)
    Nigeria. this phone will have not have arrived yet it has only left Ireland today and I’m asking for you help – if you need the tracking number please email eoins99@gmail.com – please help thank you Eamonn

    • matthew

      hello did anyone ever get back to you the same thing happen to us last weekend we live in the uk and we sent a gold watch the police in nigeria do not seen to care


    I have tried to sell one camera via internet here in Norway but this person Kefas Adewale manage to get my trust via fake e-mail and fake Paypal messages. He used 3 e-mails and a fake names and I’ve sent him the camera in Abuja, Gwagwalada, New Kutunku Specialist Quarter, Block 1, but on Kayode Adeola name! After I’ve sent the camera that he didn’t paid it he tried to make me sent aprox 300 euro also via Western Union but then I realize that it’s a fraud and I called to Paypal and the Norwegian Police and they confirm it that it’s a scam.

    The adress for Kefas Adewale: Nigeria, Abuja, Gwagwalada, New Kutunku Specialist Quarter, Block 3, Post code 23409.

    I’ve sent one package to the the person above with the package-id CD638716220NO that should arrive this week in Abuja. I realy would like that package to return to me in Norway.

    Please give any advice of what shall I do next for that man to be caught and punished so he can not scam other people.

    I have reported him to The Norwegian Police, To Paypal, To Google And Finn.no .

    Thank you very much.

  • RK

    Victim of internet fraud. Asked me to ship IPhone to Adewale Johnson, 45, Fatai Atere Way, Mushin, Lagos -23401 Nigeria. Impersonated as Gabriel Garcia gabs5ff@yahoo.com and saw my iPhone 5 listing on amazon. Contacted me and checked on product condition. Then asked to pay via PayPal. I sent paypal money request. Sent (fake) email back from Paypal address (trackings-center@in.com) saying funds had been transferred to paypal account and to safety of buyer they will be transferred only once express shipping notification is sent. Once I shipped product with express mail to address above then received another fake email saying that money will be transferred in 72 hours. No money was transferred. Instead asking for more funds to be wire transferred. Nigeria Lagos Police in Mushin should go arrest person at 45, Fatai Atere way, Mushin. Complaints have been filed with FBI, Nigeria customs. Nigeria police should take action to catch this person.

    • matthew

      the same happen to us we live in the uk but we sent a gold watch they sent us all fake emails from Ebay and paypal they even had the cheek to send me a Email saying they had received the watch

  • Teresa

    my love i am using the doctor phone to send you email now i want
    you to know that Nadia is in comer right now i am down i lost my
    wallet my ATM all in my waist bag have you seen the doctor
    phone number +2348104909641 honey the doctor said i need to pay the
    sum of 2000 euro for deposit so he can start operation on
    Nadia who is that your Algeria friend because i am in Nigeria
    please honey i don’t have anything with me right now and our
    daughter is dieing please help your husband to save our daughter
    life she is all i have i want you to believe in me and trust my
    love i love you please send me text kisses my daughter full name is Nadia Rodrick

    Reporting fraud Peter Rodrick

    This is a citizen of Nigeria =
    Jeffery Dickson

    extorting money from women

    • Kings

      Don’t worry he will be caught

  • Carla

    I am from Florida almost lucky but someone took my fiancé Daniel cellphone becuz he had accident rent car last 2 weeks ago in nirgeria he went to hospital please help me to find white man in hospital he is at 47 age and height 5’9′ black hair thanks I will show you see picture of him bless your heart

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001980505574 Yashoda Lakmal

    I’m from srilanka and i send Tablet pc to nigeria…He is Big scammer…I trust him because he send me email as a bank of america and cheating me…I think he is do this to more persons….i have his email address and Phone numbers and address..Police can catch him easy..

    Email – onlinepaidconfirmation@imail.com

    Phone number – 2348088497423

    Address –

    : Samuel Adeyanju

    : Samuel Adeyanju

    : Agege

    : Lagos

    : 23401

    : Nigeria

    • Arghya

      Hello Yashoda, have you got your money?

      Please give me a reply, I am a victim too.

    • Kings

      Thank you for these useful information I’m very sure they will look into it

  • http://www.facebook.com/lukeman.olajide Lukeman Olajide

    Nigerian Police Force Now Stop Traffic Offenders

    Can someone tell; when did the IG of Police give instructions that Nigeria Police should now stop traffic offenders, most especially in the dead of the night.
    Can you imagine that the policemen at Isaac John Ikeja Nitel junction now go about stopping cars that beat the traffic light late at night in the guise that these where instructions from the IG of Police, instead of doing their job to safe guard that junction which is notorious for its numerous theft and armed robber incident.

    Its most alarming when you hear this from their so called team leader…

    • Spirit of Vengeance

      Do you really think it is acceptable behaviour for anybody to beat the traffic light no matter how late at night? This is why other countries do not have any respect for your country, obey the law, don’t select the part of the law you wish to honour!

  • Zhasulan

    HELP ME?
    I am from Kazakhstan I speak Russian
    I sent the money for the 700$ .. At the expense of
    Приемник Имя: Ayomide
    Приемник Фамилия: Badmus
    Адрес: 109 Victorial island road
    Город: Lagos
    Почтовый индекс: 23401
    Страна: Nigeria
    help me help me! Please

  • prince labagousse


  • abdullah omer


    I’m from the UK. I have been a victim of a Nigerian Scammer. This person has scammed people on dating websites, scammed people into thinking he sells electronics and scammed in many other ways. Day by day this person is scamming people.
    I had contacted the Nigerian police on many countless occasions via email and they have not replied.
    I was hoping if you could help me out. This person had scammed atleast £2000 which is atleast 500,000 Nigerian Naira or $3200
    I seriously need help. This person is a big criminal and we need to stop this.
    I have his name, I have his phone number, I have countless reports of people who had been scammed by this person.
    You have to help me!

    • marie

      hello abdullah

      i am writing to you as your situation sounds very similar to mine

      i am in desperate need of urgent help after emailing the nigerian police twice but with no response
      i have been deeply scammed for £2000, 500,000 Nigerian Naira or $3208 by two sets of spellcasters working in pairs
      this is a very serious matter for me as most of the money was loaned from companies so will need to be paid back, otherwise the consequences could mean i could go to jail for non payment
      these people were aware of my situation that the money wasnt mine and due to very ill health i am not able to work
      i have all the names addresses and phone numbers and would like these people arrested and prosecuted and my money refunded for what they have done as it is wicked and cruel
      have you heard back from anyone yet who can help?
      maybe we could help each other to try and have these people charged
      sounds like we need to make a stand. we just have to make ourselves heard and keep plodding on
      thank you

    • Jigarak

      The same thing happened to me…I have Lost $1000 and i am from Canada. I got scammer from Kijiji site as i was looking for loan and this person and his name is Pascal and he is calling me from Benin city. This person not only scam me, he also sexual abuse me on the phone and he treat me that he will put me into jail. I will not leave him alone.

      • Arghya

        Hello Yashoda, have you got your money?

        Please give me a reply, I am a victim too.

    • Arghya

      Hello Abdullah, have you got your money?

      Please give me a reply, I am a victim too.

    • matthew

      hello did anyone ever get back to you as we have been scammed too and no one in nigeria cares

  • Bogdan

    Can you help me with swindler from your country???? It’s about joel okoekhian from lagos

  • fekterozsa

    Attention, newer Internet series of frauds.

    Al-Karim Dawud dalkarim@live.com :+447035900468

    Sells diverse electronics device, his present target
    country, where the frauds Hungary commits it. Onto the fraud myself light
    cleared up on his harm, unfortunately

    I ordered 2 pieces Iphone 4s telephone, to which I paid his price,, but I
    got nothing since 2 month. The method is that, the package on customs, and you have pay more and more, and will get the product. He gave me a fail UK ID card, what is not real.






    The company in the
    name of who he works,.

    Tradevenue limited




    IG11 9X

    Mercy Peterson

    the payment contry, what he gave me

    Receiver’s Name: Joel Okoekhian

    Address: 103 victoria island road

    City: Lagos

    Zipcode: 23401

    Country: Nigeria.

    Fake internet sipping site http://www.coulogcouk.com/

    Attention he is a swindler!

    • carol

      I sent my CV to hr@neropetroleum-ltd.com, to
      the human resources department of this company in Nigeria, the HR manager
      of this company, contact to me by email saying that I will have an interview by
      Skype, that never happened and then he sent me a very serious and credible
      contract with name and information about this company. The only strange thing
      is that they sent me an email saying I should send money by wester union 350
      USD and 1250 USD for immigration papers. They never asked me my passport and I
      speak a basic level of English, so I did not understand them and they wrote me emails
      in Spanish, then they ask me for 740 USD more to send me the visa to Argentina
      and then they tell me that “they could not send me documents until I open an account with a bank named equity
      bank plc, but did not find any information on google, instead I found an
      information about this bank in Kenya, i call them and understanding what it
      does not exist in Nigeria, but the person who is supposed to be working with the
      bank of Nigeria tells me that if there is but has the same name but is not the
      same??. In order to open de bank account they ask me to send 1200 USD more,
      that way they could send me the immigration documents and the Nero petroleum company
      will consign me two months’ salary in advance to this account which is said in
      the contract.

      I wonder if you think it is a scam or not?

      Thanks I will be appreciate all you help .

  • Imagexcl

    still waiting for response on obt case transferred from mowe police station to eleweran,thx.

  • Abcd

    this is one of the scam artist in Nigeria I recently dealt with, they posted false rental ads and asked for money wiring, be aware. This is his contact information
    Name:……..  Ayo  AlabiAddress:…..39 Church streetCity:…….. IkejaState:…….Lagos StateZip code:….23401Country:…..NigeriaText Question and answer,So if they ask you this,just tell them thatQuestion:  Who is greatestAnswer:  GodAs soon as you send the payment get back to me with the following information: Senders Full Name:……..?Senders Full Address:…..?REF

  • 3d_matrix

    Hello! I write to you from Russia, I want to report data on the swindler from your country as certain James Sighn communicated with me by e-mail on sale of my SAMSUNG GALAXY phone in cost of $500, the letter from the counterfeit address of SCOTIA BANK bank further came that allegedly send phone and we to you will pay money. I sent the SAMSUNG phone but money didn’t receive. Sent addressed to: country: NIGERIA
    street: MARINA ISLAND
    house number: 7, BROAD STREET
    My phone of the nephew of a pole: +2348135974710

    This is a swindler, the request to accept my letter and to consider and take measures for fight against a swindler. I hope for understanding

    • Vladimir_87

      Вы из России? Напишите мне – kaminskiy_87@ukr:disqus .net Я свой телефон вернул, а негодяя арестовали там же в Лагосе. Пишите, попробую и Вам помочь. 

      С ув. Владимир.

      • Monika

        zdrastvutie mojne wam vopros ?

        • monika

          v gorod abeoukuta ia otpravil sotovi Telefon i oni ne deli dengi ,kak mojno tam policiu kontaktirovat?nommer ili email adres

    • http://www.facebook.com/ycmubka Зори Христова

      The same here, different adrress, phone cost 2700DKK .. Any progress?

  • Vladimir

    I was cheated by Nigerian scammers in 2011 (my post is here as Vladimir) – i sent a package and scummers never payd. So about 6 months i writed to Nigerian police for help, i wrote a lot of messages and letters. And now you Police caught them and returned to me in Ukraine my iphone. I’m very glad!!! God blessed Nigerian police! And now i want to help police – in my iphone saved a lot of photos, messages and numbers with names. All this information owned by fraudster, i think. So, i think i can help and give all that i have to Nigerian police. Please contact me, if needs. Regards, Vladimir Kamisnkiy
    e-mail – kaminskiy_87@ukr.net

    • marie

      hello vladimir
      i am from the uk and have been scammed by spellcasters for alot of money
      however i wanted to ask your advice as i have contacted the nigerian police by email but they dont reply and i desperately need their help so how can i get their attention as it has left me in a very bad way

      • matthew

        too have been victims of a internet scam this time from Ebay i was selling a gold watch and it was taken by a dorinda johnson who gave a address in england but we had to send it to 19 pen cinema road agege lagos state they sent us fake email from Ebay and paypal they even had the cheek to send me a email when they got it has anyone ever had a reply from the nigerian police i have mailed them everyday and i will continueto do so untill they get back to me

    • Arghya

      How can I contact the Nigerian police? Can you please help? I am a victim of Nigerian scammers few days ago.