• Coachessex

    what do u do to comb the vallies of Enugu to  sarch for a 4year  old boy kidnaped fro his parent some hrs ago in Hill top Ngwo help the Family is worried 

  • Laar

    I wish to make a claim to the Enugu Nigerian Police regarding a scammer marriage offer from a Nigerian, Mr Nonso Uchenna Omenife, living in South Africa when i visited in April-May of this year, which exploited my goodness, robbed a poor woman (of $4000) and used the name of God to deceive me. It appears as I see in Facebook that he plans to marry December 2012 to someone he met in August. The marriage is to be in Enugu. I did contact the South African Police. He wanted to come to Australia but I contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Is there any way of making him re-pay me as a long term loan as I suggested. His future in-law is Mr Lawal Abdulshakur, Site Administrator at CCC NIG Ltd, Enugu Branch. I am terribly troubled, disappointed and deeply hurt. He certainly is not a good Christian as Charity. I am a British/American living in Australia and have suffered shocking losses due to crimes. It is dreadful to find this happening again. Can you help ? Thank you…laar@live.com.au…Leslie Anthony-Robinson