• Max Juri Aguidotti
  • MG

    Good day dear Efcc ,

    This is Loveth Agu (1 Lilu street , Onitsha , awada obosi).

    Her mobile 00234 7069603078

    Best regards.


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    Begin forwarded message:

    From: ijudigal mamza
    Date: 8 October 2015 at 13:56:39 GMT+2
    Subject: Investigation Activities

    Good day sir,
    Your petition dated 26th October 2014, against Loveth Agu refers. Investigation into the matter has been concluded and we are awaiting Legal Advice for possible prosecution of the suspect. You will be updated on any further development. From Advance Fee Fraud Section, Team one, Abuja, please.


  • Joanna Wong

    (fredrickpeterson.loanfirm@gmail.com / fredrickloanfirm@gmail.com / fredrickloanfirm@gmail.com)
    Mr. Fredrick Peterson
    phone number is  +2348153295585.
    Home Address :  15 Palm Garden Avenue Plot 101 Itaba Road Edo State.
    Crystal Palace, Delta State, Abraka.
    Bishop Fredrick Peterson from Saint Benedit Church of God, Adekenle Ajacent Road, Uromi Edo State, Nigeria.
    The below is the Bank Accountant info.
    Mr  Barda Francis – Union Bank, Accountant/Transfer Director
    Address –  125.Sapele Road, EKPOMA-City, KOGI State.  Nigeria.
    Mr. David Brown – Bank Manager of Skye Bank Plc, Nigeria.
    Solomon Campbell the accountant
    I have applied the Loan from this firm since 12 months ago, I  being assure that The Company Does Not Require me to pay any fees apart from The Registration Fee of usd155.00, from then on I am a victim him of paying only and I am yet to get my Loan released to me until today. This Company will have lots of hidden payment for me to pay and pay, I will have to pay again and again the payment. He will keep promising me that this is the last and final payment, I will get my Loan released after my payment but finally he will give some other excuses, broken all his promises and swearing, then I am require to make another payment, payment after payment will pop up for me to pay, where there is no ending. I am now into deeper debts.  Both of them is a real scammer, I lost $9,500 usd to this Company. 

  • Fred

    I had a nasty experience today in Warri, Delta state. I was maintaining my land after Effurun roundabout towards PTI junction when I heard a bang and noticed a vehicle rammed into my vehicle from behind and damaged my backlight and dent the vehicle.

    I off my engine and requested the driver who had several mobile police escorting a VIP threatening me. Immediately they zoomed off and was left without even an apology.

    I suspested they were heading towards Osubi airstrip and went there where I found the vehicle and the special force escorting the VIP. I contacted the airport JTF team and explained what happened. He took me to meet the special forces who lied that I hit them while trying to overtake. Everyone seeing my vehicle and theirs that still had the sign to contact knew this Sergeant Ibrahim (special force) officer was lying.

    We left without achieving anything since he drove off saying the VIP is moving. My concern is why should law-abiding citizens suffer from the hands of those who are meant to protect us because they are guiding or protecting “VIP”. Why should my life be endangered by a squad driving recklessly? Why should I spend money I worked hard to earn to repair my vehicle due to the recklessness of a squad?
    My heart bleed because I love Nigeria, abide with the law and my right been trampled upon.


  • Johnosaomoregie

    Please the Public will appreciate if the CP Delta State can control the activities of the Police Officers in Ughelli. There extortion and greed is alarming because they just extorted N2000 from the Driver of the Vehicle taking my Family. I have been hearing of the activities of these Officers and did not think that they will visit this injustice on a hapless Family just returning from holidays to try and resume despite the NLC strike, they did not care to at least respect my Mother who has sight impairment.
    Candidly speaking those Police Officers are denting the image of the Force and Delta State Command in particular. It wil be appreciated if you do something about it or your inaction will suggest you condone their activities. The fear of most people traveling that road is not of armed robbers but of your men.
    Thanks for taking the pain to read this note and it will be more beneficial for the Public and your Office if you address the issue .