Police Public Relations Officer/Rivers State

Address: Police Headquarters, Mosco Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Contact person: Rita A. Inoma Abbey (JP)

Tel. No.: 07034423908

E-mail: akpenyirita@yahoo.com




  • samueleffiong

    Dear sir,
    i am writing this because of the misconduct and indiciplined act of the nigeria police force onne division in eleme L.G.A Rivers State
    the police there have just been arresting people around the locality anyhow from 8:00pm for no reason. some time they even ask you to give them any thing you have for your bail to be granted.
    please i want you to do something

  • micheal chukwu

    pls help and checkmate mile1 police station personels,,nw dae live their duty to be man-handling innocent citizen…they will arrest u and bail you out in there van with any money you have…its a criminal act in the eyes of the law..mile1 police station please help us

  • kc

    please help and checkmate the activities of police men operating every evening from 5pm extorting money from motorists and manhandling those that refuse to give them money along Obi wali road close to east/west road before Nkpolu junction immediately after chiosa filling station.

  • dozie

    Please help us secure the lives and properties of people living in Eagle Island, a small Island near Agip, behind the Rivers State University of Sci & Tech, it has become a hood for forceful and violent day and night robbery, theft, rape, cultism (the deywell, deygbam, vikings, islanders etc), these activities are n the rise and alarming, we no longer sleep well, there are few staff in the police dept there, infact they are understaffed, the patrol team in eagle island comes almost daily but usually 9pm-10 or 11pm, but these activities are well co-ordinated, people are now making plans to protect themselves, please try lets avoid what happened in Aluu from happening in Eagle Island.

    Thank You


  • Adookon

    Adookon Compound,
    Uekue, Uegwere Bo-ue,
    Bori Khalga
    1st July, 2013

    Commissioner of Police
    Rivers Police Command
    Police Headquarter
    Moscow Road
    Port Harcourt.


    I humbly wish to secure my life and my family life in your hand and Nigeria police force.
    According to criminal code 26 and 27, I make my comment.

    On the 9/5/2013 two cultist known as Deebam and Deewell were fighting
    and accusing each other of stealing motorcycle at around 2am midnight/
    they came to knock at the Youth Leader (Adookon Goodluck) of Uekue,
    Uegwere Boue gate saying if you don’t wake up and meet us, we will kill
    him at your gate.
    With that he woke up and met them, at that time he
    called the JTF in charge of Ogoni at Bori and hand over those boys to
    them for security reasons, life saving and peace making on the
    13/05/2013 those cultist sign an undertaking with the JTF and the Youth
    Leader for good conduct.
    To a great surprise, the council of chief
    and Uegwere Boue in Khana Local Government Area called the Youth Leader
    of Uekue, Uegwere to meet on 1/06/2013. the youth leader was threaten by
    the Uegwere council of chief, they are chief F.T Koobee Asooh, CDC
    Nuesi Adoobe, Raphael B. Fadeh Kponee, Adamnee Ikee, King Naapah, and
    other members of the council of Chiefs that the youth leader keep peace
    within cultist and the community.
    In 2007 the crisis that happen
    between Uegwere and Kono Boue that take away life and property was cause
    by so called council of chief from Uegwere Boue. This council of chief
    has their boys trained by a late armed force man, was asked to attack a
    boy at around 1 to 2 am midnight at that time. They met two boys from
    neighboring village Zaakpon and Kono, beat and injure on their way back
    from the mission the youth leader of Uekue met those boys trained by
    Council of Chief.
    On the next day the CDC chairman and council of
    chief came to the youth leader to Uekue that he should not let the cat
    out of the bag. The youth leader was afraid so he did not let the cat
    out of the bag, because they may send those boys after his life. When
    these happened he reported to the government (JTF) on 1/06/2013 they
    took him to the Area Commander, the Nigeria Police Force, sub-urban II
    headquarter Bori for saving life of Adookon Goodluck and family life.
    The Chief were invited by the Police on 17/06/2013 and called for
    interview on 25/06/2013. the area commander release the case to Chief
    Jimmy Ngbo (Paramount Ruler of Kaani II), in the police station Yorgwara
    charmed the Youth Leader with juju while his name was not among those
    invited by police.
    After the interview by the police the youth
    leader of Uekue was unable to speak before now till the day been
    6/07/2013 that Chief Jimmy Ngbo called for more hearing I don’t know
    what will happen to use between these day, different thing has been
    happening to members of the family and things seen in the compound. Now
    as I am saying our life is at risk because they have back those boys to
    attack us. I am calling on the entire public and government to save our
    life (Adookon Nwanee family with two wives, 10 children, 6 grand
    If anything happen to us these named people should be
    held responsible. Here are copies of the undertaking sign by those
    cultist are attached.
    Thanks for your cooperation and concern.
    Yours faithfully,

    Adookon Bariledum G.
    (for the family)

  • Daniel

    I am writing to report one Mrs. Jude, a wife a policeman residing at Rumuopkokwu, behind Cecilia Plaza who is using her husband’s influence to trade on hard drug (India-hem). She attracts armed robbers to the environment and even uses them to terrorize those she considered to be her enemies. Some of us have been living under fear and intimidation of this woman and her group of criminals. our lives are under threat. We will appreciate it if the police can carry out a true and fair investigation and probably find a way to cob this menace

  • Smartchikaodi

     I am writing to report the unacceptable work behaviour of the police officers at Omoku police station in River State. The D.P.O detained an innocent old man of 80years (in the cell with criminals), for more than 24hrs and later collected N30, 000 as bail charge. He told us himself that after interview the people concerned, he found out that the old man is not guilty of the alleged crime. But to my surprise he asked for N30,000 before he can release the old man. I am sad about this and I want justice plus the money to be returned to the poor old man. Could someone please put a check on the D.P.O of Omoku police station because this is not the first time he is doing this. They should stop using any little opportunity to extort money from these poor villagers.