• Jfieboh

    the date is september 2011

  • Jfieboh

    last year, precisely September 2022, 7 boys were arrested at SOUND WAVES NIGHT CLUB Nica Cele. The police claimed they were taken to SARS for interrogation, but one of the policeman that happens to know the family of one of them informed the family that the police had shot them dead. That is more of the reason they had no pictures to show because they were already killed before the police made a false press report. it may take more 10 years, but we are gonna get to the root of this killing….

  • JfiebohD

    when the police makes any arrest, we demand that he pictures be published and the criminals be given fair trial and not to be killed before taking them to court.

  • M Fletcher37

    my name is mike fletcher from ohio . i was contacted by someone that was suppose to be a model from england but was in a show in lagos nigeria . she was suppose to have won the pageant . her name is angelina irene nicole .. her and a policeman has scammed me out of a great amount of money telling me she was very sick and needed imediate dr. care the policeman that was suppose to be taking care of her was momoh olusegun .. he was the one i sent the money to western union. this is a scam and if this is a policemna you need to follow through on this im posting her picture and his and her names on scammers.com. the police man was suppose to be a dectitive at #3 ondo street ikej lagos nigeria