• Dennis smith 2

    My name is Dennis and I’m looking for my baby girl in general federal hospital in abeokuto Ogun nigeria can you please tell me how to make a call .

  • Zhiyu

    my name is luzhiyu on 3 Nov my friend Melisa David( us citizen) met car accident at 10-12 am in abeokuta nigeria and i amseeking help for her

    she is now in private hospital St micheal address: 31 Governors road ,Ilase igbeyin,Abeokuta,Nigeria( some litle road are not marked on google map i cannot find it)

    All her infos on her passport i know are her name is Melisa David, born in carlifonia, on 16 Sep 1986

    i cannot get contact with the local police center and the calls of lagos and abuja. so i must write letter to you,

    please treat this case as urgent, if it is real we will send a miserable girl into death, if that we all so cruel

    i have got the licence certificate of st micheal hospital, the id card of this doctor in charge two reports of my friend

    and the picture taken her laying on hospital bed.

    besides the phonenumber of hospital is in the report 2347062845496 mail address is st.micheal@hotmail.com

    emergency call is 2349054655843

    i have got infos from us goverment, us goverment has special fund to help those who in trouble aboard

    i believe absolutely my friend Melisa has abilities to pay all this back. The passport now is now by hospital or local police

    i, an individual, has no such power to help her out. she, as an us citizen, should get help from her government now i am now i germany

    that is all i can do for her now.i need the press’s help,No department of us say they can help me until i have the correct and fully infos of my friend;s passport

    i am not joking here. at least i plead the press to check if it is really true.my heart is hurt now.

  • ayo

    please help us tell Ogijo Police Station to look for parking lot for abandoned vehicles with issues instead of parking them on the road which is really causing traffic. The road is also bad and they use this avenue to extort motorist.

  • Ausra

    Hello Could You tell me detectives Samuel phone because, you are having one guy Raphael Agwu in Ogun custody. And I have to send money, but his phone is switched off. Wrote by this email ausra.jonyte@gmail.com

  • Obajobi Adeyeni Siyanbola


    The above
    subject refers,

    We the
    entired family of Oko-Ireke Community hereby present different kinds of crimes
    perpetrated by the Fulani’s Bororo and their uncontrollable cows.

    1 The
    herdsmen has started chanting songs of War that they will start killing all
    members of our community.

    Destruction of moded blocks i.e Atanda blocks Industry
    – 080

    3 Destruction of green leaves in our various forms

    4 Spread of sheet (Eleboto) that generate unpleasant
    odour in our environment, which may later leads to different kinds of diseases
    in our residential site.

    ATTEMPT TO RAPE and Burgling and much other
    attitudinal behaviour.

    6 One day, a woman laid her baby at the front of
    her house. Suddenly, a big cow was just running up and down as the woman
    observed that, she ran outside and pick her baby in the course of that struggle
    her wrapper pulled off (Iro lo nidi arabirin n alai wo nkankan sabe) which man
    will ever be happy if that kind thing occur to his own wife.

    7. Encroachment into the land that was not sold to

    Sir, presently there are many casualty caused by evil
    deed of so called Herdsmen “Fulani-Bororo” at Ilaro, Ogun State (information
    confirmed by Baba Jane- 07065319545 ) and the deadly news of it all occurred at
    Shagamu where a farmer laid a bush meat on the fire and when the Herdsmen got
    there they ate the bush meat and slaughtered the son of the farmer and laid him
    on the fire, what a horror situation, information confirmed by Elder (Mrs.) F.

    One day, a woman laid her
    baby at the front of her house. Suddenly, a big cow was just running up and
    down as the woman observed that, she ran outside and pick her baby in the
    course of that struggle her wrapper pulled off (Iro lo nidi arabirin n alai wo
    nkankan sabe) which man will ever be happy if that kind thing occur to his own

    Fulani ki ise OMOLUABI rara.

    Sir, be informed Fulani’s are resemblance of
    BOKO-HARAM instance, they can also be used as their network service within your
    catchment area (IFO). Final Community decision as follows.

    Fulani should live and remove their mushroom buildings
    along with their cows with immediate effect.

    All cow rearers should evacuate their cows to faraway
    distance to where we human being resides.

    • kayode joshua

      This is a true story i as also leave i oko ireke area. I hooe the police will do something


    If you place an add and receive a request to send invoice via paypal beware I received this this morning:
    I live and work in Edmonton so i don’t have time to meet up or do the shipping my self due to my work engagement so i will be paying for the shipping cost but i’m buying the item for my son in west Africa so here is the address item:
    Name: Tunde Blessing.
    Address:# 38 Lafenwa Street
    City: Abeokuta
    State: Ogun State
    Country: Nigeria
    Zip Code: 23403

    I just check the shipping cost on online and it will cost 90 international air parcel post so you can add 90 and send me your paypal money request to this email joshua.armstrong1@hotmail.com

  • Gud evening sir, i just want to say i to you

  • I K

    I have scamed from someone from Nigeria,please anyone manage to get the post office number in Ogun state or other contact details,please e-mail me on kondratovic@mail.ru

  • Scott Bridges

    I have been talking with a woman in Abeokuta her name is linda brad i call her Helana and she uses my last name Bridges i have fallen in love with her and she is beautiful but sometimes i wonder if it is really her i have photos of her but everytime i ask for a recent photo she bribes me with pictures that r old they look old anyway but has any body else heard of her or know about her i have been trying too find out about her we have been talking to each other at least 8or10 months if i could i would go ther and get her myself but i can’t i told her i wanted her to be my Christmas Present or Birthday Present wich is in febuary so please let me know if anybody knows anything about her Thanx

    • Dennis

      I was also talking to a woman from Abeokuta who I was very much in love with, her name was Linda Williams. She was going to come live with me until she got the money for the flight to the states, then she disappeared and haven’t heard from her at all. We also talked for 8 to 10 months. She was young and beautiful, but also don’t know if the pictures were of her

  • Kelley Epps Lewis

    I was scammed, cell phone was mailed to Justin Scott 40 Asero Rd Abeokuta,Ogun Nigeria 23402., from 326 West 3rd St Stockton CA 95206. Can anyone get post office information for me so delvery of package can be stopped? I would truly appreciate anyone that can help me. Kelleylewis1961@yahoo.com

  • mon

    hello say please phone or e mail from the police of Abeokuta.Thanks

  • evolette

    hi!i sell this buyer on donedal.ie and they don’t pay for me they send me a false paypal email i give the tracking number i was thinking the paypal send me and i went the post and send the box.yesterday i see how they don”t want pay i want stop the shipping but the post office don’t give back the box for me they send to nigeria.i don’t know what can i do

  • bartosz

    I was sent ps3 from address Tunde O. 38 Lafenwa Street Abeokuta Ogun Nigeria 23403 trackin number RL 375 878 461 IE

  • Leonards Singirskis

    I was a victim of the citizens of your country!!!!

    I was sent parcel with 5 Playstation portable and Galaxy s2 phone in gold from Latvia,tracking number is CP014152010LV

    The parcel was sent to this


    Name : Sikiru Olairo
    Address : 6 sapon area,
    City : Abeokuta
    State : Ogun State.
    Zip Code : 23403
    Country : Nigeria

    I also send money (almost 750USD )thouht Western Union in this address:

    Name : Komolafe Samuel
    Address : No.12 Odo ona way,
    City : Ibadan
    State : Oyo State
    Zip Code : 23402

    Country : Nigeria.

    They send me fake PayPal messages!!!!!!And and extort money more and more…

    Please,You are my last support,please stop this victim if it is possible,it’s very important for all people!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • Joanna Wong

    (fredrickpeterson.loanfirm@gmail.com / fredrickloanfirm@gmail.com / fredrickloanfirm@gmail.com)
    Mr. Fredrick Peterson
    phone number is  +2348153295585.
    Home Address :  15 Palm Garden Avenue Plot 101 Itaba Road Edo State.
    Crystal Palace, Delta State, Abraka.
    Bishop Fredrick Peterson from Saint Benedit Church of God, Adekenle Ajacent Road, Uromi Edo State, Nigeria.
    The below is the Bank Accountant info.
    Mr  Barda Francis – Union Bank, Accountant/Transfer Director
    Address –  125.Sapele Road, EKPOMA-City, KOGI State.  Nigeria.
    Mr. David Brown – Bank Manager of Skye Bank Plc, Nigeria.
    Solomon Campbell the accountant
    I have applied the Loan from this firm since 12 months ago, I  being assure that The Company Does Not Require me to pay any fees apart from The Registration Fee of usd155.00, from then on I am a victim him of paying only and I am yet to get my Loan released to me until today. This Company will have lots of hidden payment for me to pay and pay, I will have to pay again and again the payment. He will keep promising me that this is the last and final payment, I will get my Loan released after my payment but finally he will give some other excuses, broken all his promises and swearing, then I am require to make another payment, payment after payment will pop up for me to pay, where there is no ending. I am now into deeper debts.  Both of them is a real scammer, I lost $9,500 usd to this Company. 

  • Sunky Miller

     Help! Nigeria Police extorting young men in Ijebu Ode and making the indigenous suffering for doing nothing..Police in Ijebu Ode are more than Armed Robbers…

    Please sir; we want you to help us to talk to the Inspector General or the commissioner of police to please help us to call the policemen in Igbeba police station to order.They will collect your phone and money..they are more or less like armed Robbers..please kindly come to our rescue…We the indigenous are not safe from the police that are suppose to guide and protect us..they are behind every attrocity commited in Ijebu-Ode..Going into people house implicating them to be fraudster..if you are dressed in shirt and jeans you are in trouble…They cant see you collecting money from ATM they will surround you with a gun isnt that robbery… 

    The policemen under the area commander team and Crime Department are just terrorizing anybody they see with car or walking . They label any young boy they see with car as armed robber after which such person will be taking to their station where they will extort the victim. The collect huge amount of money ranging from N50,000 to N100,000.

    The names of the policemen are: Femi, Oba,Orobo,Friday Felix and all the people working at as Crime Dept to mention few. Please save us from this embarrassment, please investigate this by asking any young man who drive to Ijebu Ode, Ijebu Igbo, Ago, Oru, during the hour of 10am and 3pm, and you will confirm my story.

    They did it to me and they label me internet fraudster and they collected N100,000 from me before they let me go…We urge the commisioner of Police to please call on these name mention above…


    • Adelex

      Demmy u can call this numbers to report, DSP OLUMUYIWA ADEJOBI OGUN 08037168147 08123822910