• Greyce Rodrigues
  • Rosemary Ateka

    have been told by students in your university
    there there running Scams from your facility.
    I mailed a phone to a address of
    Alaran Toni Aderemilekun
    City Dugbe Ibadan
    State Pho
    Microbiology Dept. UI Ibadan 200005

    The young man I was speaking to after 2 years admit he has been working thru the University only receiving 10% and the people there working for is taking REST…
    So before I right the Embassy ..
    I thought I would reach out to you to investigate this… All I could get was a Michael for a real name…

    Someone is forcing your students to be doing this hurting innocent women in the United States with their lies for a mere 10% so they can eat and still attend your school so is this school authorities doing this because someone’s pocketing the 90% And they will not say I like you to further check into this and please respond back to me.

  • Sp Culet

    Like right now, someone sent me a message via chikka and wants to buy my items at olx. He said he will send it to his son in nigeria and payment will be via paypal. I told him that he need to send the payment first and then il help him with the shipment. Altbougj i dont have a paypal, i asked him to do other money transfer trandaction

  • Sp Culet

    Hi. I think you should ask for the payment first before sending the items to them.

  • AdmiN oF ViDEos


    • Linda

      i have a cousin who is an fbi who can help you recover your goods and money , send him an email on micheallawson460@gmail.com

  • Qba






    It’s true or scam?
    here email
    anyone know ?

  • Thomas Smith

    I have been given this address and It only comes up as not found

    Name….Oluwadamilare Dalemo

    Address No.2 Dawotola House Abule Oloni Lantoro.



    Zip code.234


      So how to catch this person. Because I am from India. Please help me.


    One person done froud with me.
    I send him my laptop. But he doesn’t sent me my Laptop money.
    His name keven Sean.he from ibadan oyo Nigeria.
    Can any body help me. So please contact me amirsohail00000@gmail.com

  • Romana Pelikánová


    Please pay attention to similar practices, I will not see the phone anymore and 1500Kč also not. They were still getting a 1000kc bonus

    Beware of fraudulent transactions from:
    Kelvin Jacobson burtonscole20@gmail.com
    Kemalpasa mah. Akinci many Daire No5
    4. sefakoy Istanbul
    I sent the phone with the fact that when I get a receipt from the post office, I will send the money to my account. Subsequently, this mail arrived:

    Hi friend , How are you doing ? i just received a bank notification that they have been processing with the transfer of your fund , but unfortunately my Bank Transfer Department confirms that the transfer Activation machine reject the remittance of 1500czk except the full transfer of (2500czk) and above that can be successfully done and accessible internationally from the database activation machine and you must adhere with this.

    And , due to the trust i have in you and also to avoid delay in transfer of your fund , i have made an Additional Payment of 1000czk to your money and the deduction has been shown on my personal account which means the Total Sum of 2500czk that will be transfer from my bank Account into your Bank Account okay.

    So, i want you to know that before my bank can proceed with the final remittance of the 2500czk into your account, you have to go and send the 1000czk via (Moneygram Money Transfer) to my daughter address at Catholic missionary in Africa Nigeria and by checking on this link (secure.moneygram.com/locations) ,you will see the nearest Moneygram office around you and go there to pay the 1000czk right now and contact my bank with the Moneygram payment receipt as they are ready to transfer the fund of 2500czk into your account immediately after they receive the Moneygram payment receipt from you and in the next 1-2hours as my bank confirms your own money will arrive into your account for you to cash okay.

    Here is the payment address.

    Name.. Labake Kelvin
    City.. Ibadan
    State.. Oyo
    Country.. Nigeria
    Zip Code.. 23402

    So, kindly go now and send the 1000czk right away and contact my bank with the Moneygram payment receipt so that they can verify the payment details and also for them to activate and complete the transfer of the 2500czk into your account instantly without any delay okay.

    Also came Scotiabank mail from service-scotiabankonline@accountant.com in very similar wording

    Please pay attention to similar practices, I will not see the phone anymore and 1500Kč also not. They were still getting a 1000kc bonus

  • Markus Luger

    can anyone help me to find more details about the scam.

    Name: John David
    Adress: 51B Benjamin street, Fan Milk Rd.
    State: Oyo
    City: Ibadan
    Postal Code: 23402
    Country: Nigeria.

    His mobile phone number: +1 (845) 287-2483

    The scammer bought a mobile phone and we sent it to this address. Money did not arrived.

    Does anyone know more details about this person, please contact me.


    • Elizabeth cox

      I believe a friend of mine is being scammed from the states.Help

  • Scam ?

    i was sent this adress from someone and im not sure if its a scam or not…
    she sent the money and ask me to send it to this adress trough Western Union, shes paying the transaction fee etc…
    i want to help but dont wanna support a scam if its one… anybody can help ?
    the name is not the name of the person im speaking with , says shes there temporaly until she finished work ( before she went there i had prof that she was where she said etc.)

    Name Felix Elizabeth chikodi
    Country- Nigeria
    State- Oyo
    City- Ibadan
    Zipcode- 23402

  • M Kimmet

    Is the address Room 12A, Kuti Hall, University of Ibadan, AP University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria 23402 a legitimate address to send to someone in the military in Sudan?

  • Confused 2

    Please be careful with the email that Abraham Scott posted: lawyersectionsmail@gmail.com are other scammers who pretend to be an American help team to get your money back, but for this, he tells you to send money to his representative in Nigeria, refusing to give you evidence that what it says is real. I was asked to send more than $ 200 for their alleged “expenses”.

    • Clara jones

      No! That’s not true, I was scammed of $8600 couple of months ago and I sent an email to lawyersectionsmail@gmail.com, they contact me back and told me to pay a fee of $550 , I paid the fee to the address they gave me through western union and I sent them the receipt, and I sent them all proofs also, after a week my money was recovered back to me I have all the proofs they used to recover my money back to me and they also help my friend also to recover her money, she heard about them from the magazine

      • Confused 2


      • Tomasz Lar

        this is bullshit clara jones you also cheat people

  • Laura

    I have pictures From he, witch e-mail
    I send ?

    • Lizzy

      what are you talking about laura?

  • Confused

    Israel Ojei
    City: Ogba 23401
    He’s supposed to be the catechist for Mt. Zion Orphanage in Ikebiri

    • Laura Serradourada


  • Confused

    Seems like this zip code 23401 is a code not a zip …thoughts

  • Confused

    I have a woman pics and text only wanting me to send $200 for an orphanage and she wants sent to Ogba 23401
    any advice?

  • Kurt William

    Is there a way to get all these motherfuckers scammers?

  • Rafael

    Hello dear friends, I have been tremendously cheated, with whom I can communicate to be able to solve my problem? Please I need help, the amount of money is very strong. Oyo scammer, Ibadan, I have all your data and photos that show what I say.

    • Ludwig Rafael Cedeño Bocanegra

      Please :'( i need my money

  • Chris

    Name :Stephen Victor Olusegun
    Address : No. 15 Adediran Street Oke-Itunu Mokola
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo State
    Post-code: 23402
    Country :(NG) Nigeria.

  • Janet Cranford

    Does anyone know where is 23 Desalo street OYO Nigeria 23402

  • Kim Wilson

    Kirstin Adams,

    address… House 10,

    Alafia street Bashorun ibadan,

    Oyo state,

    A fake and fraudster, online dating sites using somebody else photos.
    Asked for money for internet 4G

    • Abraham Scott

      Hope you didnt give her the money?

  • Sultan

    Name- Idowu Adelola
    address- No 28 Agbowo Shopping Mall UI
    city- Ibadan
    state- Oyo
    country- Nigeria
    postal code– 23439

    I was deceived by $ 400 What should I do?

  • Sultan

    Hey. I was deceived by Nigerian crooks. What should I do?

    • Abraham Scott

      Hello sultan you can still get your money recovered from those people..send an email to lawyersectionsmail@gmail.com they will help you get your money recovered because they also helped me.

      • Sultan

        Oh, thank you very much. I am a student. I grew up in a poor family. I sold the phone to contract the university. I was deceived

        • Tomasz Lar


  • Mesh de Jesus
  • Harmeet Kaur

    have you send her any money? that city is a SCAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harmeet Kaur

    Thank you soo much I will email them thank you very much

  • Harmeet Kaur

    I got scammed of £1000 from these people I hope one day god punishes them

    • Abraham Scott

      Hello Harmeet , Omg! i’m really fucking sorry to hear that i also got scammed of $2,500 last month but i thank God my money was recovered by a firm thats fighting against this scam stuffs

      • Elizabeth Andre

        Hello Abraham Scott, thanks alot I was scammed of $355 by one thomas Georgy last month , I’ve sent a mail to them and they assured me that my money will be recovered, I’ll let you know whenever my money is recoverer

    • Abraham Scott

      I’m super sure the firm can also help you recover your money, you can email them on lawyersectionsmail@gmail.com..thats one of the firms email address

      • Elizabeth andre

        Hello Mr Abraham, thanks alot may Gob bless you i got part of my money recovered this weekend but not fully recovered Thank you very much.

  • Stu Gravestock

    Pius John Kehinde, No 23 Elewura challenge, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigera. 23402 Scammer ???
    Lady called sarah ockrin claims to work for army needs money for food wants me to do money transfer to this name and address ??… very suspicious

  • Dinesh Rumba

    O my fucking god, just bofore some hour i also was going to sent one good to that place from some english name, army officer. Same fucking black city, nigeria, oyo, ibadan, motherfuckers. But my instinct told me to first do some investigation in internet about sending goods to foreign coutry than i found this pages. Now i’m sure that that motehrfucker is some fucker nigerian.

  • Ubayadullah

    Here all nigerian thieves are from ibadan city , oyo state address only. The nigerian peoples are bustards. i tell only one thing Insha alla , who one had cheat me . definitely he will die soon. I pray for allah. Ameen. Dont tell nigerians are muslims. Muslims are not doing like this.

  • Ubayadullah

    Many scams only nigerian people doing. All mother fucker nigerian. No use for complaints also. The nigerian police are all waste . All police are get commission from thieves

  • Ubayadullah

    Nigerian police what you do . Here many people compint to you . But you dont take any action . Why like this

  • Ubayadullah

    Hello surajnaik bro. You and me cheated from same guy tommy wayne . He told army sailor to you and same thing he told to me also. We need to do something to this fucker

  • Ubayadullah
  • Ubayadullah

    Hello nigeria police before i sent the one cheater name tommy wayne . I have his one id card also . I send the attachment . He is using this id cheating this people . Actuqlly his original name is “OMOSALEVA. A”. He is the fucker will cheat the people he cheated me only amount of indian rupee 42000 . Please find him and refund my amount and mobile. Please contact me fubayh@gmail.com

  • U ayadullah anwar batcha

    Hello nigeria police , i posted the ad for olx at my iphone 7 . One guy contact me and offered my phone . His name is tommy wayne from us . His son name is daniel wayne . He told me to ship the item . Im also ship the item via DHL express. But again he ask the overpaid amount from me i send thst money also. But he didnot cash my money . He cheated me very badly. I have his phone number +2348088809497. I think this is not his original name. He cheated many people . I have his address also . He gave one address to me and told this is his son address . Daniel wayne block 8, 81 batallion, momolla barracks, ibadan , oyo 200263 .IBADAN . Nigeria . If u find the thief pls contact me sir my name is ubayadullah from india my email id is fubayh@gmail.com. Now im working at saudi arabia . Please catch the thief sir . He cheated many people
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/347e6936896438a0099921a5bd58259a31a123c0fe42279b227e0c16da1bb0d1.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8aac533cd830081a0499c852e262a7d8603d0ec4460dd3ecdd23fa2dc83bc901.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1f7a25f9498eaa1be73e9d3ab3431d9b8afaf8329039142ab7a883a40bad8429.jpg

    • Mesh de Jesus

      I also posted an item in OLX and same scenario, good thing I did not ship the item

  • Akpobome Atunyota

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  • Sumit Mehta

    Hi guys, In continuation with the below comments This is the latest froud done by nigerians,,,
    I have posted my adds on OLX and similaraly I received intrested member comments and all happened in the same way,,,,,, this guy os telling he is an army guy fron USA and using nigerian number on wats app as he needs to travel to nigeria for his son every week….
    He tricked me,,,the number is ‪+234 812 781 2877‬ and ‪+234 706 768 6326‬,,,, I already shipped the courier and currently I kept ot hold at courier service in nigeria
    My request to police to take strict action against these craps and this is nigerian government responsibility to resend back all the stuffs to india without any courier charge from shipper

    • Elisabete

      Eu tenho o mesmo no Custo justo mas desconfiei logo de fraude pois ele indica que nao pode pagar por tranferencia bancaria porque nao tem acesso so a paypal… Hummm achei estranho ainda bem que vi o teu coment 😉

  • Catherine Casallas

    Hi guys, ive been reading your comments, and we all have been tricked by

    the- same way. im selling a dinning room in olx and happenned the same to me. Please never send money or the item you´re selling before you close the deal for real. and go ahead to



  • Gurpartap Singh

    Nigerian GOVT and police Useless…..all crusted from head to toe…!

    • Gurpartap Singh


  • Demetria Boz

    Hi. Somebody sent me from
    Nigeria to send an mobile phone through Post office. It means that when he will get the phone will pay there. For his son so the mobile. Is it safe to send it? Thank

    • cunty

      do not do it. almost every other scammers use the same excuse ‘want to buy for my friend/wife/cousin/son’, DO NOT EVER TRUST THEM. the only thing i can advice you is to sell your stuff locally and deal with cash

  • Suraj Naik

    dont send any cash or ship any product to nigerian address unless you get the payment first in your bank account. dont listen to them saying that the bank is asking for the shipping details as to complete the payment. and even if he sends you email ID of his bank and the pay slip ignore it. its false. if the money that he transfer in your account is there then only ship it

    • Ubayadullah

      Hello bro . Im also cheated from the same guy

      • Ubayadullah

        U get any information about this guy

  • Gurpartap Singh

    This is the mobile number +2348182312937. Please Nigeria police Comitioner sir. Please find this man and with punishment let him to return my money back. I’ll be really very thankful to you sir….

  • Gurpartap Singh

    Hello Sir This is Gurpartap Singh From Punjab, India, 22 Dec 2016 I put my ad on OLX.IN I got a message after few days Name John Hunter. He said I am Interested in your Deal. So he want me to ship that laptop to him by DHL. And he just send me scam mail on RBC bank names. In mail is written that I send money to my bank it will be released imidiatly when shipping status will update. But now 16 days passed but he just playing with me. He give this address Name Richard Obaloluwa,No 10 Adebayo Street behind Agbowo shopping complex, Ibadan, oyo, zip code 23402, Nigeria. Please sir find him and help me get my money or my laptop back. Indian nation will be very obediently to you and always keep you on head. Gurpartap Singh.

  • Suraj Naik

    I had put an ad on olx for my camera. There’s this guy named tommy wayne came forward to purchase it. He told me that he is a marina sailor and lives in US and he wanted to ship my camera to his son in Nigeria.
    I gave him the details to transfer money. He replied to me saying that “he has transferred the money but i wont be able to see it cause his bank has hold the money. And i cant cash it out. And for me to cash it out i have to ship my camera and give the bank shipping details only after that i can get money in my account” I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO PLEASE HELP.
    YOY CAN REPLY ME ON surajnaik1234@gmail.com

    • Gurpartap Singh

      Hello Suraj this is Gurpartap Singh From Punjab India. Nigerian police ne kuch reply kiya..?

      • Suraj Naik

        nah i didnt contact them. at first that guy forced me to ship the product saying that he had transfered the money and the bank is asking for shipping details to complete the transfer. but i told him that until i see the cash in my account i wont ship the item. for 2 days he mailed me saying that if i dont ship the item he will contact the FBI. i said sorry and that i cant ship the item as i dont have enough cash to ship it. so if i get the amount u transfer ill ship it. then eventually he stopped mailing me. n neither did i mailed him.



  • K.a

    Would you tell me is this address real?
    12 Rufai street Mokola Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. +23402

    I saw in google map is not like basecamp for usa army, but hotel premier. I’m confused now, what should i do?

  • Vicky Bea Robertson

    This so called woman on Facebook says she is in love with my husband. She sent me several messages stating that if I send her money now she will leave my husband alone! She says she is from Atlanta, Georgia USA. She is in Nigeria for her fathers inheritance. She demand money from me! What should I do?

    Felicia Gbolade
    3 iremo st.
    ile ife

    • Anna Belski

      hello. what came about from this? she been bugging me and i’m a woman?

    • Anna Belski

      Hello Vicky. Was she found to be a scammer? Ivr got her being investigated here. I hope between the two of us we get her. She uses fake passports, fake marriGe licenses, fake all around.,pls msg me and let me know if you got her yet. I got ger reported on Facebook, messe.ger and ma.y other scammer reporting sires.

  • A.J.

    Is this dude a scammer?
    Bose Ajayi
    No. 32 Ring Rd Challenge,
    Ibadan,Oyo State,

  • Sfeldk

    Is this address legit?

    Name: Adebayo ojo
    City. ibadan
    State: oyo
    Postal code: 23402

  • Nagy P. Nóra

    I have got also an e-mail, they want to 75 Euros elicit from me.
    Name : John Daramola
    City : Ibadan
    State : Oyo
    Zip Code : 23402
    Country : Nigeria

  • Kim

    Person im chatting to wants me to send lots of money to nigeria. Is this address scammer location.





    • Olaf

      It’s a scam.

  • What is email for ibadan interpol that works international

  • Aryan Raj

    Can somebody please tell me that this adress is real or fake , because a girl gave me this adress and say that shipped the camera here.. Iam selling my camera.. But iam affraid

    Address.. No 7 Mayor salawu street U.I
    zip Code..23402

    • Olaf

      If you didn’t receive the money yet, don’t ship anything.

  • Does anyone know thus man? His name is odole kayode or kayode odole, he romance scammed me a lot of money, plz someone report him to the police or interpol. He is a online scammer used immigration logo to scam me. He exploited this little girl he calls Ana. Sent him money to adopt her, & someone message me that it was his niece.

    • This is the little girl kayode claims he adopted. I send him money to adopt her but turns out she’s his niece.

  • mahmood al saadi

    Hi . I have sold my ipad mini 3 to this address Adesola Adeniyi Isiak
    Address : no 30 best way iwo road
    City: ibadan
    Country : Nigeria
    Zip code : 23402
    And he asking me send the money every day and I did. But he didn’t give me my money . Please tell me what I have to do

    • Olaf

      Don’t do anything.

  • Colette Fleming

    Jacob Bola, Ibadan, Oyo, 23402 Nigeria ” the money can be send through money gram” Is it scammer or not?

    • mahmood al saadi

      Just don’t send anything to him okay …

    • Olaf


  • Anthony

    I hope the authorities do something with phone data are registered to name georeferential besides the location there are many people who for this reason have distrust of buying online

  • ismah wizah

    Can anyone pls tell this address was real or not? Because this person want to buy my product sabun kunyit….

    Name: bukola taiwo
    Country: Nigeria
    State: oyo
    Postal Code: 23402

    they are holding his payment until I ship.I don’t see anything about this transaction.

    • coder

      it’s an imposter….

    • Olaf

      It’s because the mail is fake. Don’t ship anything until you have the money in hand.

      • yaneth

        Name: James Tunde
        Country: Nigeria
        Address no 23 barrack zone
        State: osun state
        Zip code: +234036

  • keynotheking

    Is this a fake email from someone going through paypal, haven’t sent anything but this is the address:
    How are you doing? I just want to tell you that i have made payment for the item through my paypal account and i will appreciate it if you could confirm this to me because your money has been successfully deducted from my paypal account. I want the item to be ship out by using the USPS/Priority Mail Express International to the address i stated below.

    Moji Johnson
    No. 62 Coka Challenge,
    Ibadan,Oyo State,

    I want you to write Birthday gift from Dad and please remember that the tracking number must start with E and end with US.

    NOTE: Please i don’t want the item to be shipped via USPS Global Express Guaranteed or Priority Mail International Parcels or First-Class Mail International. Hope to read from you as you ship today.

  • Denise Morgan Holland Pattakos

    can any one tell me if this address is real ? Adayemo Gbenga No 23 Army barrack Road Ojoo city Ibadan Oyo Nigeria 23402
    I have someone who wants me to send this person momey for a phone card

    • ScamHaters Utd

      It’s a popular scammers address…. do not send anything.

  • Noor Syahira

    Hi everyone, i just want you all to confirm this address whether this address is a real or fake one? Because he want to buy my iphone and he gave me this address. I afraid if he is a scammer

    Name-john Williams
    Address – agbowo ui
    Zip code-23402

    • Ibro bash

      Me too

      I send ny iPhone 6+

      Name-john Williams
      Address-No22 old ife road
      Zip code-23402
      And he is lie to me
      What I can do
      I live in lebnon

      • Shashi

        Don’t reply him, just ignor him or tell him to first transfer the whole amount.

    • Shashi

      Don’t sell your phone…i am also getting a massage from it. Its totally fake.

  • AY

    How do we report this guy other than “reporting phishing” on gmail. Received the same email via Poshmark. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS

    1 Tobs computer, Alpha building

    Ibadan ,Oyo 23402


  • jerry

    Dont trust it!!!

  • yogi

    Hi can anyone tell me if a hospital called Embark Hospital please

  • tate

    another email from Matt Jackson (matt.jackson2244@gmail.com). he reached out to me on Poshmark (an app where you can buy and sell used/new clothing) saying: “Hello, do you still have your time for sell and how much is the last price? contact me back with more picture of this to my email address matt.jackson2244@gmail.com

    sent him an email with photos, to which he responded: “Hello, am okay with the picture how much is the asking price?”

    sent him my asking price and he responded with: “Hello, am okay with the picture and i will like to make the payment through paypal because poshmark will deduct 20% out of the money which is too much.i will pay you 400 for the item and 80 for the shipping charge to the name and address where i want to send the item to so can you get back to me with your paypal name and email address to make the payment asap. i will be waiting to read from you soon.”

    1) repeated the sentence “am okay with the picture”
    2) $80 dollar for shipping sounds super sketch
    3) I’ve read about Nigerian paypal scams before

    glad I googled his email address – this was the first thing that came up. thank you for keeping this site up and running!

    • ellie

      Hi – This Jack Matin guy just reached out to my on Poshmark. I got something from PayPal saying they are holding his payment until I ship. I do realize it’s a scam now, after reading this but how is he able to pull the money back after I ship it? Wondering how it works. I emailed paypal and they said it was legit? When I look in my actual Paypal account I don’t see anything about this transaction. So sketchey!

      • nvargas

        omg the same guy contacted me on poshmark and emailed me offering me 250 for my michael kors watch. It is pretty weird, he wanted to pay with PayPal and it says I won’t get money until they recieve the tracking number. Is this a scam?! I haven’t sent my package yet.

        • nvargas

          I don’t trust it now. I keep reading comments and I read one on someone who didn’t even recieve a payment after they shipped it. People are crazy! Definitely going to be more aware

          • Leah

            The same guy just contacted me about buying my prom dress! It’s a scam! was the address Address: 1 Tobs computer, Alpha building
            City: Ibadan
            State: Oyo

    • Bartz JB

      Hi there, I’m from Malaysia.. This guy reached out to me on Mudah.my.. I’m selling handphone and he willing to pay be RM900 including shipping cost (my handphone just RM700).. I got suspicious because at first he said he at Dubai.. And want to buy handphone for his friend in Negeria.. He ask me to ship the item by Dhl.. And keep saying that he will bankin the money and want me to rap the item and send a picture of it to him.. I already gave him my Maybank account.. But when i read comments from others, i realize that this is SCAM.. What I’m afraid now is are this guy can hacked my bank account? Here some info about the address that he want me to ship to..

      Name : Williams monsura
      Address : No. 1, anifalaje bustop, akobo ojurin
      City : Ibadan, oyo state
      Country : Nigeria
      Phone number : 08025896679

  • J Hoglund

    I’ve got a Hotel bill from Premier Hotel Mokola Hill in Ibadan, Nigeria.
    This bill has a part of my name and my address in Sweden and I have several times asked the Hotel if it is a real bill or if there is somebody who is trying to cheat both me and the Hotel. Myself is in Sweden so it’s difficult to me to handle this.
    Unfortunately I haven’t got any answer from the Hotel so my question is. Shall I make a report to the local Police station or what? If you want me to make a report, how can I do that?

  • Sylvia

    Sylvia Daneva

  • nick

    i sold a Nikon Camera to this person and i never got the payment!!

    i have shipped my camera to this address!!


    Address: 15 Surulere Street Sango Poly Road,

    City: Ibadan

    State: Oyo

    Zipcode: 23402

    Mobile number: +2348074761758

    Country: Nigeria

  • Simon

    Hey I’ve got same problem with a Mike David. I sent him my paypal address but didn’t ship it because found it strange. What do I do now? Just ignore it?

    • Luis Camara

      I am in the same situation but before he sent the money I put that I no longer have an agreement with him and he has not sent the money yet. Will I be okay?

  • Dojo

    This guy named “Matt Jackson” (his email is matt.jackson2244@gmail.com) emailed me wanting to buy my shoes from Grailed. He sent the below after agreeing on a price:

    am from US but fine the name and address of my friend where i want the package to be send

    Name: Name: Mike David

    Address: I TOBS COMPUTER,alpha Photo, Apata

    City: Ibadan

    State: Oyo State

    Zipcode: 23402

    Country: Nigeria


    i will make the payment as soon as yu get back to me with your paypal name and email address.

    Glad i saw this first!

  • CK

    This dude named Jack Matins wanted to buy my shoes, after he asked for the final price he sent me an adress where he wanted me to ship it to. I found it pretty weird so I looked it up and came across these comments, his e-mail adress is: jack.matins005@gmail.com

    Thanks for accepting my offer, find below the name and address where i want
    the item to be sent.

    Name: Fakorede mike
    Address: 1 Tobs computer, Alpha building,
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo
    Zipcode: 23402
    Country: Nigeria.

    i can only process payment via PayPal so, As soon as i receive your PayPal
    account name and email address i will proceed with the Payment.

    • nvargas

      omg the same guy contacted me on poshmark and emailed me offering me 250 for my michael kors watch. It is pretty weird, he wanted to pay with PayPal and it says I won’t get money until they recieve the tracking number. Is this a scam?! I haven’t sent my package yet..

  • E

    Today I’ve got this sms from no. +1 (406) 356-5346

    1. “Hello, is this your phone on olx.pl still available for sale? email me the final price to my email davidrolland2014@gmail.com thanks”

    then i’ve got email:

    2. “Thanks for your mail..

    I’m David Rolland, Am Ok with the price
    of the item,actually am buying it for my Daughter who is presently in
    West Africa for a programme organize by the Unicef. so i will offer you
    the sum of 1,300 PLN for the item including the shipment cost through
    EMS SPEED POST/POST OFFICE/FEDEX to Nigeria. So i will like you to
    kindly check if the amount i offered is Ok for the shipment cost.

    so i will be paying you through bank transfer, i will be waiting to
    read back from you soon so i can pass you the shipment address.



    Thanks for your message, Here is the shipment address of my daughter in Nigeria

    Name: Ademola Sunday
    Address:No 1 Oderinde Street Agbowo U I.
    State:Oyo State
    Zip/Postal Code:23402
    Telephone Number: +2348154655948

    Awaiting your reply soon,


    He send me a confirmation email (from PayPall of corse – fake!)
    He wanted to very quickly send him the phone…. but I read this before!!!!
    Thanks guys! and be carefull for THAT people!

    • Mariusz Dziewoński

      Please connect with me on my mail as quicly as its possible becouse i am going to police with this. i need a confirm that he want to cheated you too…. i have send him a laptop already but i canceled it when i saw this …. my mail dziewoniak@gmail.com

    • Jôshúã Jósh

      Can anyone pls tell this address was real or not? Because this person want to buy my laptop….

      Name: Dare Olayinka,
      Country: Nigeria
      State: Kwara,
      Postal Code: 23402

      • Ibro bash

        Please no send all is lie
        I lost my iPhone 6+ like your story
        In this adress
        Name-john Williams
        Address-No22 old ife road
        Zip code-23402

    • Ibro bash

      Hi All
      I’m from syria I live in lebanon and I have iPhone 6+ I put in olx
      Someone send me masg he told want the phone and he want I send in transfer to
      Name-john Williams
      Address-No22 old ife road
      Zip code-23402
      And he want I send the recipt after he told wait 4 days I give your money
      Because nigeria all is muslim have holday
      He told I send the items to her sister in work national geographic wild in weat Africa
      After he make me block call
      What I do????

  • Dieter Hundögger

    Hello, i`m from Austria and i had the same problem as Henrik with following scam adresses;

    Name: Tunji Ojo
    Address: 32 Owode Close
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo
    Zip code: 23402
    Country: Nigeria

    another one:
    Name: Adeoti Biyi
    Address: 11 Airport Avenue
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo
    Zip code: 23402
    Country: Nigeria

    from: danipauw@hotmail.com

    and also from danipauw:

    Name: Leroy Cheney
    City: Carmen
    State: Oklahoma
    Zip code: 73726
    Country: USA

    with the faked paypal registration:

    Click here locate the nearest western union office
    Transport Company
    “Astra Postal Services”

    Receiver Address:
    Name: Leroy Cheney
    City: Carmen
    State: Oklahoma
    Postal Code: 73726
    Country: USA

    Status Address: Confirmed

    You are required to send us the details below after
    you have make the payment to the shipping agent

    The PayPal Team
    PayPal Email ID PP1525

    Be aware, kind regards Dieter

  • Pepe Fox

    I’m from Slovakia and I have another SCAM address:

    Name: Peter Andrea
    Address: No 20 Adediran street Oke-iTune Mokolo, UI POST OFFICE
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo
    Country: Nigéria
    Post Code: 23402
    Phone no.: 08146797413

    with e-mail address: ramsontimi@gmail.com


    Best Regards,


  • Henrik

    I was contacted by somone that called himself Andrea. He wanted to buy something with paypal. He faked a payment registration on paypal. Luckely I read that his adress was a fake one / a scam here on this page thanks to a person from cyprus. Here is the adress:

    Name: Carlos Teles
    Address: Rua Dom Dinis, n.15, 2c
    City: Amadora
    State: Lisbon
    Post Code: 2720-163
    Country: Portugal

    Conclusion: always try to google a person you find suspicious before sending away your item.

  • Helen Cela

    i been in contact 10 months with a marine from usa , based in nigeria, hes had 1000s out of me , sating going to get out army and the excuses why not , i was going to be idiot send 100 in morning to him but i get this message from his fb account , now i dont know if this fake man ,does allen desmond exist as a police officer or is it john knowing he cant fooll me with shit noone and its came to a end , wanted my email ,but i never give , i lied to the army man said i hacked his account saw all chat everything ,now i think its him sent this panicking , police officer he said he was sent me this , im thinking its john durham the army man , ,,,,,,,,Hello Mrs Helen, this is officer Allen Desmond. We wish to have you online here to have few questions from you. We notice you have been talking to a Nigerian scammer which we have in our custody now and we wish to ask you some questions and we can be sure of this. This act is against the constitution of this nation according to section 304 under the constitution of this country…. So therefore we need your help and corporation in other to get back what he has gotten from you and he can be prosecuted for what he has done to this great nation. Thank you and hope to read from you soon…
    i then said can i see you skype ??

    he said ,,,Of course but according to my job I can’t just bring you to Skype just like that but as a senior officer and if you really want to know the truth of the matter then we need to have your email address
    It’s so nice to read from you

    then i said ,,,,,i need to see on skype identification ,
    if i give my email this is linked to my business and private emails , i can not give this ,,

    he then says …. I understand you but this is a fresh case infront of us now so we need to treat this according… We have his phone here with us and this is why we are able to contact you… Moreover if you want to talk to us on the phone here is our office line >+2348110988313<

    i then said ,..no i need to see you skype with identification ,i dont mean to be rude but how do i know you not fake and hacked his account , or you john being idiot

    he then said ,,,,OK, I can understand how you feel now but if I were John I would be talking to you this way or give out our line, but I you want to be far from the truth or you still want to continue in be deceived by this heartless people then you're a fool forever… What I can do for you now is to contact us on our phone number and we can be sure of what we have infront of us now. We don't much time to be wasted but how I wish you can believe in us for the first time and see how this goes from here. His profile is not hacked and I want you to know if it is we won't have to give out our line. Thanks for your understanding

    i then said ,,,,no with out seeing proof who you are im sorry i can sort this from the uk

    he then said ,,,So what are the proof you want to want from us?

    i then said ,, what nationality are you , where are you based please ,

    i have spoken to my solicitor i can take action from here , i have all comunnication with him, i have all details western union money i sent to him and who collected the money
    theres such things as cameras in western union also

    I'm in the Nigerian police force, I work in the CID department (criminal investigation department)
    OK but we are sorry he is getting all this with fake id address… You can't trace him with that, we have his full information with us here
    He is not the person in the photo you see and he is never John Durham

    i then say …is the fake john durham black ?

    then he says ,,,Yes, he's is a black 25year old boy

    i then showed photos john durham sent to me he took in nigerian shoping mall , and some in uniform show name on clothes and prsonal ones on home family life , all same man , i had a photographer check he said there not photo shopped there original, ,so if its john pretending to be police cid why he want my email, ,?? john knew i was too clever for him i saw through the lies and crap he told me , now he knows he cant get nomore from me ,now im confused, but why he doing this now ??

  • Zygimantas

    I am writing to you from Lithuania. There is this sitiation I have sold an item to Nigeria and haven’t been paid. So I am going to tell you what happened. I’ve got a message from a buyer he claimed that he want to buy an item from my which he found in Lithuania advert site he said that he will transfer me money via paypal so every thing would be legitimate. I have received a letter from “paypal” that there is payment from that person and that there was a mistake and I need to do a refund via western union money transfer so that my money could be credited to my account. When I went to bank I found out that paypal doesn’t as to do this kind of stuff and that this is all a froud. But the problem is that I have already shipped the item because the fake paypal asked for tracking number so it could credit money to my account. After I found out that this was all big fraud I tried to stop the shipment so it wouldn’t reach the people who tricked me but the problem is that it has already left Lithuania territory and Lithunia postal service can’t do anything. I have been trying to contact Nigeria postal service but I am not getting any answer. I have also called to Nigeria custom asking maybe they could stop the shipment but they said that I should inform police. I need to act fast until the shipment is not delivered so I am hopping maybe there is a way you could help me ? I have addresses of the person who I sanded the item. I have check of shiping payment from Lithuania postal service. The tracking number of the shippment is RN090795973LT The tracking number shows that the shipment is at Nigeria . My email is zygimantas.mikulis@gmail.com please answer me I need to know is there any hope left.

  • J

    dairo david 20 hope street Ibadan, oyo, Nigeria 23402
    supposed to be a person who works at the us embassy in Nigeria who helps get money to US Airmen who cannot access their money while deployed to Lake Chad.
    the Airman name is supposed to be Jeffry Hugo from Ohio..
    No I didn’t send any money..

  • Linda Ascott

    Anyone had any dealings with robinpatrick11@outlook.com. They have e-mailed my husband about buying our car through Paypal but the wording of e-mail sounds very suspicious and word for word to an earlier e-mail from a rryandaniel@live.com?

  • Don’t fall for it

    Someone has just tried to scam me out of £200 under the name of ‘Jane Morris’ told me she would send the money that I was asking for but then sent an extra £80 without telling me and told me to send the money to a ‘agent’ that she had hired to pick the item up. All the emails look fake and the money has been apparently put on hold by PayPal and she wants me to pay the £80 through A Western union site. Then I saw that on PayPal a lot of people have almost been frauded the same way. The adress she gave me was name: Damilola Ibrahim address: 21 taki street city: Ogbomosho state: oyo state :zip code: 23402 Nigeria

  • Argy Mylona

    I sold my phone to this adress :
    Name : Tobi Gareth
    Country : Nigeria
    State : Oyo
    City : Ibadan.
    Zip code: 23402
    The payment was supposed to be done via paypal but i never recieved it. In addition i had to pay an extra 350euros because i recieved fake paypal’s email telling us we have to reach the amount of 600euros in order to get the money.
    So, i have lost my mobile plus 350euros.

    • abdullah

      some one wants to buy my cell phone ? asking me bank account number i said i ll only send u after i receive money he said ok
      is it safe?

  • Bob

    Another Scammer here with this mail:
    velezangel79@gmail.com, wanted to send a camera to Nigeria.Address was similar as the ones you wrote, I already deleted mail.
    BE AWARE people!!!

  • MaryAnn Siwek

    How do I stop a package from being delivered to Roger Sibayan, No 30, Gege Road, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria SCAMMER. PLEASE TELL ME. Mary Ann (New York City)

  • piip

    Thanks Stella for posting. Got exactly the same request. Thanks to you, I didn’t send anything.

  • ana-maria

    FBIalert@lawyer.com this is not a site….I saw in the internet the site of fbi http://www.fbi.gov/report-threats-and-crime I think to that this page is fraud

  • ana-maria

    this one of the many e-mails that i received….and look…specific FBIalert@lawyer.com

  • ana-maria

    YOU CAN GET BACK TO US WITH OUR E-MAIL:ScotiaBank-VerifyDepartment@dlshq.org

    Welcome to Scotia Bank Plc ® Online Transfer fast Delivery is the best for convenient, affordable and reliable money transfer services for auction payment to seller’s in WORLDWIDE COUNTRY


    Transfer Order from SCOTIA Bank Online Banking has been Approved .



    Thanks for providing us the Shipment Proof Tracking Number/ Receipt Document, We really Appreciate for your Co-operation.

    We are using this Opportunity to inform you that the Shipment Proof Details has been Forwarded to our (Verification Department) for the Proper Verifying And Confirming of the Shipment is VALID.

    We shall contact you Immediately we have Finish with the Payment Activation to your Bank Account Given to us for the Payment Transfer:

    Bank Name:
    Account Number:
    Account Name:

    Hope everything are well Corrected ?

    We really Appreciate your Prompt responses over the days and we will keep our Promises to Ensure this bank Serves you more Better.

    We will also like you to know that we are here to serve you better and also to make sure you have a ends successful deal with us..

    Here is the recent history of your Transfer Status…
    Transfer On Pending…Transfer Loading, Please wait for a moment……Transfer SW3108532009KMS Current Percentage Done: 98%Transfer On Pending… SHIPMENT RECEIPT PROOF Details Is Needed…..
    Questions? Send an email to ScotiaBank-VerifyDepartment@dlshq.org


    Protection against fraud and misrepresentation !

    The order has been APPROVED, you CAN NOW ship the merchandise to the buyer’s shipping address. You are expected to make the shipment with 48 hours of receiving this Transfer Payment Approval Notification and get to our Transfer department/Technical Dept. with the tracking number for Shipment Verification.

  • stella georgiou

    I believe this page is fraud. From the moment i write here nobody send me again to disturb me.

    • FBI POLICE (Investigation)

      We are sorry for the late reply…because we are working on it…. because this page is not a scam or fraud at all, but we assure you that everything will be okay, because this page site is belong to fbi police,ic3, for world wide ok.. so we want you to contact us now…CONTACT The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on fbialert@lawyer.com we get back to you immediately……we waiting for your response there

  • ana-maria

    Exactly the same happened to me like stella georgiou . I sent the wedding dress and then they asked me for money. . The package didn’t go to Nigeria yet but i can’t do anything ….please tell me….I want my dress back….

  • ana-maria

    Hello, I’m from Romania.
    I sold a dress online to a
    lady from Canada for her sister in Nigeria this is the address :
    Name- Bolaji AkinyemiAddress- 19 Oyo Road Mokola
    Post Code- 23402
    City- Ibadan
    State- Oyo State

    Country- Nigeria and the lady said that I receive my money through Scotia Bank Transfer©.

    received mail from Scotia Bank this is the address ScotiaBank-VerifyDepartment@dlshq.org
    ; and they told me that I receive my money(600 eur) when I send the dress.

    I send the dress by poste but i don’t receive my money. They told me that is a Limit for internationaltransfer to one country to another is 1000euro….and I receive 1000 eur when i send them via western union 400 eur. I don’t send them 400 eur because i see that was a fraud but i send them my dress…sooo what i have to do…??? thank you…

    • Tussa

      So much fraud in Nigeria. I sent a phone and never got payed. Fake Western Union as well. It cost me a lot of money.
      This person has/had an e-mail: palgunnar447@gmail.com
      Name: John Richard O
      Adress: Taki Road, Ogbomosho
      State: Oyo-State
      City: Ogbomosho
      Country: Nigeria
      Postal code: ,23404000..

      Does anyone have any info. regarding this e-mail and adress, I would greatly appreciate it.
      BE AWARE!.

      Best Regards, Tussa.

      • Argy Mylona

        The same exact thing happened to me. Using a difference adress from another nigeria city.

  • stella georgiou

    They also asked me to send money and they told me that if i don’t they FBI will investigate me.

    • ana-maria

      hello stella…did you received your dress back ???Exactly the same happened to me like you…and i don’t know what to do to receive my dress back…:(:(

      • stella georgiou

        No i lost it

      • stella georgiou

        I believe this page is a fraud from the same persons who stole our things.

  • stella georgiou

    hello I am from Cyprus. My name is stella and I would like to share my storie too. I was a victim of jonathanmarry@hotmail.com which he tricked me made me believe that he sent me 350 euros to buy my wedding dress and sent it to him. This FRAUD deserve to be in jail you have to do something, HE IS A SCAM! They didn’t receive the wedding dress yet so if it’s possible do something to send it back to me. the andress that he gave me is:

    Name: Tobi
    LAST NAME: Gareth
    Address: 1 Tobs computer, Apata Ganga
    State: Oyo
    City: Ibadan
    Zipcode: 23402
    Country: Nigeria

    • Argy Mylona

      Epatha kati paromoio alla me kinito. Poulisa to iphone mou kai to esteila se autin tn dieuthinsi akrivws me ta idia stoixeia. Eplirwsa kai 350euro parapanw logo pseutikwn email tou paypal se sinergasia me tn western union ,so vasika exasa ena kinito tilefwno kai 350 euro, sinolo peripou 600euro.

      • frosso

        pou pia selida sas vrikan?? pou to bazaraki? epidi poulw kai gw mia camera kai ivram me pou jame kai aplws egw irta na koitaksw tin dieuthinsi tou anen swsti kai vrika touta oulla ta posts!


      γεια σου με λενε Κοσμα ειμαι απο Ελλαδα και επεσα και εγω θυμα του απατεωνα με την συγκεκριμενη διευθυνση αλλα με αλλο ονομα,του εστειλα ενα κινητο αξιας 250 ευρω και μου ζητησε αλλα 250 για να μου τα στειλει με εμβασμα λεει η τραπεζα του γιατι δεν μπορουσε να στειλει λιγοτερα απο 500… μου εστειλε και email απο την τραπεζα την icici bank και την πατησα νομιζα οτι ειχε στειλει τα χρηματα και του το εστειλα,φυσικα ακομη κλαιω το τηλεφωνο μου!!!

      • stella

        Για καλη μου τυχη το νυφικο επεστρεψε πισω σε μενα γιατι δεν βρεθηκε καποιος να το παραλαβρι.

  • Sameer

    Another scammer – we haven’t shipped as yet. Oyewusi Peter, 12 Alere St Dugbe, Ibadan, Oyo, 23402 Ph: +234 8117818491

  • Olesia Sidorenko


    Almoste sell..but when saw “letter from bank” that was in spam.. start searching

    adress Shipping Address: “Nikita Olayinka”
    Address:200/3748 Cocadom street,Dugbe
    Oyo State

    Russian name in Nigeria it was a big surprise and first think to think…

  • Pittoo

    This is SCAM. I was supposed to sell my laptop online. This is the mail i got from a buyer

    i am willing to proceed with the transaction now.kindly login to
    your paypal account and select the request money button located at the
    top of your paypal account homepage and sendthe money request directly
    to my paypal account id which is brucebetty1@hotmail.com
    so that i can submit payment to you via paypal right now as paypal is
    safe, fast and easy to send and receive money online if you don’t have a
    paypal account just logon to http://www.paypal.com
    and set up your paypal account, after setting up your paypal account
    you locate the request money button located at the top of your paypal
    account home page, use it to request money directly from my paypal
    account which is brucebetty1@hotmail.com once I receive your money request from paypal, I will submit payment to you immediately via paypal
    asap.Get back asap

    • siobhan

      i got a email like that aswel

      Thanks for your reply, I’ve check the listing and I’m okay with that
      said condition. I’m willing to proceed with the transaction now and
      pay you the asking price as am buying it for a friend as a gift so if
      you accept my offer.kindly log in to your PayPal account and select
      the request money button located at the top of your PayPal account
      homepage and send the money request directly to my PayPal account id
      which is davindoherty02@gmail.com so that i can submit payment to you
      via PayPal right now as PayPal is safe, fast and easy to send and
      receive money online

      If you don’t have a PayPal account just log on to http://www.paypal.com and
      setup your PayPal account, after setting up your PayPal account you
      locate the request money button located at the top of your PayPal
      account home page,use it to request money directly from my PayPal
      account which is davindoherty02@gmail.com once I receive your money
      request from PayPal, I will submit payment to you immediately via
      PayPal asap.

  • Pittoo

    Collins Olauya.

    Fake paypal buyer.
    brucebetty1@hotmail.com, brucebetty10@gmail.com

  • Biao Xu

    RECEIVER : Debo Raheem

    Nos 13 Obokun Street, Eleyele
    Ibadan city,Oyo state
    23402, NIGERIA,

  • Vladimir Dokin

    Name: SEYI BOYE
    City: IBADAN
    State: OYO
    Zipcode: 23402
    Country: NIGERIA.

  • rain

    Here’s another similar scam experienced by me. BEWARE!!!

    I received 2 buyers phone messages requesting me to ship out a branded bag that I had posted online at ~ 1000 USD. The person will sound urgent in requesting for your bank info so that he can make payment and to get u to ship out the item via speedpost. And both messages are with shipment address to Nigeria.
    After googling on the postal code and i found this site with similar experiences. Am glad that i managed to save my bag…

    Shipment details:

    Name: Olaleye Eunice
    Address: No 10 kolawole street agbowo U.I
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo State
    Country: Nigeria
    Postal Code: 23402.

    • Ylvcin Lee

      Hi so this address is not real?

      • Julia

        I received that kind of buyer too who live in oyo state Nigeria. Luckily I found this website before i shiped the item. Is this the real address or just another fraud to make profit?

    • Ylvcin Lee

      I also received this buyer message so is a scam. the buyer identified herself as a she. Mrs Sandra and she ask me to transfer money to her first before she transfers from llyod (England) to Singapore. is this scam?
      i have not transfer yet.

      • rain

        Seems to be the same person… The buyer identified himself as Mrs Sandra… this doesnt matter, he can change again using many names… And he will change mobile number frequently. Warning to sellers is DO NOT DEAL WITH OVERSEA BUYERS.. U are taking the risk here. If u can take the risk, send the item only if u see the cash amt appear on the bank acct. or receive physically.

  • rina

    Trying to cheat,,
    Buying my kitten and suddenly after giving my paypal account she ask me to transfer the money to western union.
    after checking found out it CHEATING..
    Here are the email received from paypal

    In order to complete this transaction and get the funds approved in your account, you are to send 400MYR to the shipping company through a Western Union Outlet, and notify our customer care service with a scanned copy of the Western Union receipt.
    NOTE: This is important as a security measure to ensure safety of this transaction.
    Please, find below the name and address of the shipping company’s agent whom you are to send the funds via Western Union Money Transfer.
    Click Here Locate Nearest Western Union Office
    Transport Company Information’s:
    Name: Essien Martins
    City: Portharcourt
    State: Rivers
    Zipcode: 500001
    Country: Nigeria
    Security Question: What is your favorite colour?
    Address Status:Confirmed.

    Feel free to visit my blog :

  • Harmanpreet90

    Hello Friends .. This is Harman from India . One of my Friend sale the product here in Nigeria through Payapl. But The Amount not yet to be shown in our Account Presently . Here i feels this is the Fraud happened with us & we go through a lose of US$260.00 dollars . I just put my message here for some help . Can Nigeria Police Help in this matter . Please Note Down the address given below .

    Name : Samuel james .

    Plot 5 Elere, Apata

    City : Ibadan, oyo state


    Zip Code : 23402


    • Sagar

      Hello Harman,

      I am Sagar from India. My friend want to sale his product and one lady is interested to buy it but the add. she send to my friend is

      Plot 5 Elere, Apata

      City : Ibadan, oyo state


      Zip Code : 23402


      this add. she send. i just want to know that this is a fake add. and fake person or not and you got your money ?
      Please repaly

      • Harmanpreet90

        Dear Sagar ,

        This Person is Fraud . So please Careful about this . Because we Still not Received Any Payment .
        Already Lose an Amount of US$ 260.00

  • Praveen

    Thanks for the information ,iam from India , I had my laptop for sale in a website and the guy Ryyan Daniel mailed me willing to buy my laptop, fortunately i googled the mail id of his and came accross this website and got to know its a scam.

    His message
    i am willing to proceed with the transaction now. kindly login to your paypal account and select the request money button located at the top of your paypal account homepage and send the money request directly to my paypal account id which is ryyandaniel@live.com so that i can submit payment to you via paypal right now as paypal is safe, fast and easy to send and receive money online.

    If you dont have a paypal account just logon to http://www.paypal.com and set up your paypal account, after setting up your paypal account you locate the request money button located at the top of your paypal account home page, use it to request money directly from my paypal account which is ryyandaniel@live.com once I receive your money request from paypal, I will submit payment to you immediately via paypal.

    Get back asap.

  • koulis

    hello I am from Cyprus. My name is kyriakos and I would like to share my storie too. I was a victim of angelodicanio@outlook.com which he tricked me made me believe that he sent me 240 euros to buy my ipad and sent it to him. This FRAUD deserve to be in jail you have to do something, HE IS A SCAM! the andress that he gave me

    Name: Carlos Teles
    Address: Rua Dom Dinis, n.15, 2c
    City: Amadora
    State: Lisbon
    ZIP Code: 2720-163
    Country: Portugal

    I have tried to contact with Portugal police but nothing he took it from me and that’s it.

    • Henrik

      Thanks to you I did not send a valuble elecronic item to this person /scam

  • paresh

    I have just remitted payment to you via paypal and I also paid paypal charges to ensure you get full payment.
    Kindly ship the item directly to my Son as soon as possible

    Collins Olauya .
    Road V Elere Apata
    Ibadan, oyo state
    He is presently working with one Telecommunication Company over there.
    Kindly ship the Item directly to him via DHL OR DTDC, FOR
    NOTE: Please only declared $150-$200 as the item value. due to custom duty in the country.
    Thanks and nice buying from you.

  • Cacophony

    Hi, I got an email from mariawill080@gmail.com who had an interest on my item worth 1350 USD for her son who studies Geographical Discovery abroad. She said that the payment has been made via Scotia Bank and that I have to make the shipment urgently so that the money would be transferred into my account. At this moment I was in doubt as to why the money should be in pend since I’m the seller and I need an assurance that I will get the money before shipping the item. After a couple of hours thinking I decided to cancel the transaction as I feel that it was a scam and I have no reference of the buyer’s real location considering this is an online transaction and since she mentioned that she works as a Navy officer. I told her that I will cancel the transaction but she insists to ship the item. At this moment I then googled her gmail account and luckily found this testimonials page. Hopefully someone could track and capture this scammer. Please share this to your friends who do buy and sell online. Thanks.

    Here’s her contact information:

    Name: John Williams
    Address: ( JAMES CHAMBER ) No4 Benjamen Eleyele
    City: Ibadan
    Country: Nigeria
    Zip Code: +23402
    Email: mariawill080@gmail.com

    • Noor Syahira

      Ive got too!!
      Is it the same scammer?

      Name-john Williams
      Address – agbowo ui
      Zip code-23402

      • James King’Ori

        Lool, John Williams hahaha…
        I was contacted by this malaysian number +60 137188430 via whatsapp, “she” wanted to by an item I had placed on a local ad site in my country for her friend John..an item that would cost more than double the price to send to Ibadan!!… Thank you for this site, sorry for those who fell for these bastards tricks. Let’s list all the numbers as scam on truecaller please

  • Egle Steponavičiūtė

    I too got mail from scam. And send money by western union:( if that person receive, that mean he must show ID or passport that improve that person like scamp.
    service@paypal.com requesting like Paypal

    No you can not refund the €245.00 EUR to Anna Adrian PayPal account through the PayPal system due to the fact that the Anna Adrian PayPal account is presently unable to receive such funds until the account limited access case placed on the PayPal account by our trust and safety center is resolved completely and the refund been clear by you, go ahead with the transfer via Western Union and then get back to us with the details .

    Below is the Confirmed and Verified Receiver’s Details as provided by (Anna Adrian).

    Name: Matthew Osi.
    Address: Plot 13,Block E, Oluyole Estate.
    City: Ibadan,
    State: Oyo State,
    Zipcode: 23402,
    Country: Nigeria

    Also, email all Wester union cost of money transfer to us, so that we can pay into your PayPal account as well .

  • Altaf Patel

    I too got mail from ryyandaniel@live.com requesting Paypal id to transfer money to my account for my iPhone which I listed on a website for sale. I googled for that person because how a person can pay you money without even look at your used phone? Conversation here made my doubt strong and helped to get away from such fraudulent buyers.

  • scamreporter

    HAHA ryyandaniel@live.com is a scammer beware mates!!! this is the messgae he sent me he wanted to buy my phone
    i am willing to proceed with the transaction now. kindly login to your paypal account and select the request money button located at the top of your paypal account homepage and send the money request directly to my paypal account id which is ryyandaniel@live.com so that i can submit payment to you via paypal right now as paypal is safe, fast and easy to send and receive money online.

    If you dont have a paypal account just logon to http://www.paypal.com and set up your paypal account, after setting up your paypal account you locate the request money button located at the top of your paypal account home page, use it to request money directly from my paypal account which is ryyandaniel@live.com once I receive your money request from paypal, I will submit payment to you immediately via paypal.
    Get back asap.


  • Scam Reporter

    Name: Dayo Johnson
    Address: No 23 Sheffield street Ogunpa dugbe
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo State
    Country: Nigeria
    Postal Code: 23402.

    Scam and Fraud. Please avoid. The emails they are using is listed below. You guys should really do something about this guy.





  • Brad Bradee

    I just thinking of the scam. Someone sent message by whassup.

    Hello, this is mrs glenna coret by name please i would like to know if the phone you posted on mudah is still available for sale. The shit people have negotiate to me and i have sent the wines phone to this people. this people ask my paypal account and have transfer some money to my account but i have not received it until know, and more she said I need to pay back using Western Union because she has paid extra to my account.

    This the address of this shit people, the address she give other people name

    Name: samson Lawal
    Address: 1510 Brightseat Road, APT 104
    City: Hyattsville
    State: Maryland
    Zipcode: 20785
    Country: USA
    Phone Number: +12409388030

    And one more their friends there give me to transfer their extra money

    Name : Essien Martins
    State : Oyo
    City : Ibadan
    Zip code :23402
    Country: Nigeria

    I received email from paypal …

    We tried crediting your account a few minutes ago, but there is an account limit on your account
    this means the initial amount ($220.00USD) Mrs Glenna Coret sent to you is too small to be transferred
    internationally, so we have deducted and extra $280.00USD from Mrs Glenna Coret account to be
    credited into your bank account.
    You have the total sum of $500.00USD ready to be transferred into your bank account, but first you have to
    refund $280.00USD back to Mrs Glenna Coret from your pocket using western union money transfer to the address below:

    Name : Essien Martins
    State : Oyo
    City : Ibadan
    Zip code :23402
    Country: Nigeria

    • harry

      am sure its a scam same thing happen to me

      • Brad Bradee

        yes. it scam from Nigeria people. Shit. i have sent the phone to her.

  • Faa

    Hi I was also sent an email just tonight by a navy officer named John Williams and he wants to buy a product from me for his son in school, to be shipped to this address: (James Chamber) No4 Benjamen Eleyele, Ibadan, Nigeria, zipcode 23402. Is this also a scam?

    • Faa

      Also this is the email address he’s using: mariawill080@gmail.com

      • sirches

        got same email from that scammer

    • sirches

      hi it’s a scam, she’s trying to buy a product from me as well with same reason for her son in school… i gav her my bank acct # without funds of course… and she’s asking me now that the item should be shipped first before the payment will reflect on my bank account… how come it became a policy of a bank transfer… dont believe her… below is the receipt she sent me… too bad for her as i work as a fraud analyst in a bank and i can say she’s fraud

  • osman yılmaz

    please help me …ı was dress NAME : Yusuf AlabiADDRESS: No 20 Asipe Road
    CITY: Oyo Town
    STATE: Oyo
    ZIP CODE: 23402
    Phone Number: 2348063682173 but they are dont pay my money and they are want me money they are want send to money hereName : Ojo Olawale
    Address : No. #01 Pearl bush Crescent Post Office
    City: Ilesha
    Zip Code : 234036

    Nigeria and they are add me on facebook lori garcia and mıchaela garcia and my cargo tracking number is cp017145698tr please stop they and back to my cargo….

  • osman yılmaz

    hello …ı was send dress yusuf alalbi but he is want money to me ..ı understand he is cheat..but ı was send cargo please help me for myy cargo turn to me…ım from turkey he is give me this adress…NAME : Yusuf AlabiADDRESS: No 20 Asipe Road
    CITY: Oyo Town
    STATE: Oyo
    ZIP CODE: 23402

    Phone Number: 2348063682173

  • vasile

    angelodicanio@outlook.com it is a fraud, i was contacted by this person to sell a wedding dress and he was very persistent. this morning he sent me an email telling me he confirmed the payment to the dress and the shipment address and the name where i should send it.
    Name: Tobi Gareth
    Address: No 1 Tobs computer, Apata Ganga
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo
    Zipcode: 23402
    Country: Nigeria
    Stop HIM!!!!!!!

    • stella georgiou

      Exactly the same happened to me. I sent the wedding dress and then they asked me for money. They also threaded me with FBI. The package didn’t go to Nigeria yet but i can’t do anything 🙁

    • Koulis

      And that prick made me give him my ipad telling me that he will gave me 240 euros….i hope he burns in hell

    • marivi

      Este el nombre de un estafador que quiere robarme suplantando ademas a la empresa paypal

      Fakorede MIKE
      No 1 Tobs computer, Apata Ganga
      IBADAN, OYO STATE 23402

  • Ana

    Hello. Somenone to buy a wedding dress from me and sent me this address:
    Address: No 1 Tobs computer, Apata Ganga
    City: Ibadan
    State: Oyo
    ZIP Code: 23402
    Country: Nigeria
    I read on the internet some stories and i want to be sure. The person who write me is one guy (Angelo diCanio) and i don’t want problems. Can anyone tell me if this is a fake, a scam?

    • Rado

      Hello, this is a scam, The same person asked me to do the same.
      He said he would pay via PayPal, but as I searched , they will send fake emails looking like paypay sent them.
      It will ask woy for an tracking ID to look real, but it is not via the origian PayPall, you wil lose your product!!
      DO NOT SEND 2 This ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel

    hmmm its my luck im not an idiot thats why when he send me the zipcode and the place is Nigeria and his son is in US i was so deeply disturb and i open this site i know its a scam i havent yet decided to send the money that he told his son is sick and he his faraway from him he distined in LIBYA because he is military inforces but in my little knowledge if your family have any problem the government of US will undertake all the controls and provide everything while the husband (soldier) is away from home right???…sorry you cannot fool me…beware his name in facebook is Sgt. Pat Mahone and the person i need to send the amount suppose to be $520 is Mike Yusuf Oyo Ogbomosho Nigeria code 23402 thats why just click i finally conclude you are a terrorist a scam or illegal beware ….Angel 22/05/2014

  • shar turn

    could you please check this address… need to know if it is an legal address:
    No. 10 Seminary Road, Ogbomosho, oyo state, Nigeria 23402

  • Sheryl

    Hi! I want to know if this address is legal: Kaola Sreet, Apata, Ibadan 23402 . And if a certain Bababunmi Smith do really exist in Nigeria. Thank you. ASAP please.

  • Rock

    Hi Friends ….
    Another Fake Address: This time its PAYPAL…… email id of this fake Buyer/ seller says he wants to gift his son gifts:ryyandaniel@live.com & ryyandaniel9@gmail.com:

    NAME :Collins Olauya,


    CITY :Ibadan

    STATE :Oyo State

    ZIP CODE :23402

    COUNTRY :Nigeria

    • Random

      Just got an email from the same email address

    • sivan

      I got an e-mail from ryyandaniel@live.com for PAYPAL purchase of my mobile phone.

    • Savyasachi (Savya)

      I got a similar request from him. He wants to buy the Laptop I posted on the net and pay thru paypal. Good I checked here before sending him a PayPal Request.
      Just out of curiosity, what would have happened if I sent him the paypal request?

      • scam repoter

        u would have sent him a paypal request then he would have credited money into ur payapl account but the amount awould be too small too be credited internationally so the money is freezed and then paypal would have deducted a $ amount from his account and then the total money to be credited into your account would have been atleast $500 .Then payal will send u an email that $ 500 is ready to credited into your account but first u will have too return the additional money deducted from ryyandaniel@live.com‘s account thebn u would have sent the money on his address and after that u would have gotten scammed and u will never recieve the $amount which was to be credited into your account.
        Hope it helped.

  • karen

    hi there, i received email about x3 watches i was selling on gumtree, i gave the person my email address and she was sending £220 into my account, she requested the items to be sent asap 1st class royal mail to (Dayo Johnson, no 5 coccoa street, Dugbe, Ibadan, oyo,nigerea, 23402, the strange addres made me google this, and i now think this is a big scam! what do i do now please?

  • Sam Weiner

    another scam on gumtree uk address below

  • Sam Weiner

    Name:Tola Martins
    Address:1,Aba Paanu,

  • Leonards Singirskis

    I was a victim of the citizens of your country!!!!

    I also send money (almost 750USD )thouht Western Union in this address:

    Name : Komolafe Samuel
    Address : No.12 Odo ona way,
    City : Ibadan
    State : Oyo State
    Zip Code : 23402

    Country : Nigeria.

    They send me fake PayPal messages!!!!!!And and extort money more and more…

    Please,You are my last support,please stop this victim if it is possible,it’s very important for all people!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Bernice Dimech

      Hi, I would like to ask if you ever got what you sold to this person back? I just got scammed the same way as you and the person below. I am noticing that the addresses are similar, therefore I am assuming that this is the same person and that the address is fake. And if the address is fake the items you sent should return back to you (the sender).

      This is the first address they told me to send the phone I sold to,

      Name: Arowosegbe Temitayo
      Address: No 98 Filade, new adeoyo
      City: Ibadan
      State: Oyo
      Zip-Code : 23402
      Country: Nigeria.

      The they told me to send money to this other address,

      Name: Arowosegbe Temitayo
      Address : No 12 Chinyere Adeola
      Ibadan, Oyo State

      This is where I realized it was a scam. The person I was in contact with called himself Simon Dominic. I’m sure it’s a false name but maybe you also got contacted by the same person.

  • Luisa


    my name is Luisa, I’m a vet student from Brazil and very recently I sold an iPhone on the internet and had it delivered to this address:

    Name:Dayo Babalola
    Address:19 Adetunji street Randa
    Zip Code:23402

    The person never paid me and I wanted to know if there’s any way you can stop it from being delivered. I have all the emails proving that it was a scam and they tricked me. They used Scotia Bank to pretend they were going to pay me!
    The tracking number of the item is: RQ139025346BR, it’s a white iPhone 4 with accessories, it was posted 17/10/12.
    If you can’t help me please let me know who can because I called the post office here in Brazil and they said the package already left for Nigeria.
    Thank you.

  • Aso_soo

    Hello nigeria police

    • Danielle

      Hi luisa did u receive any money or your phone back??