Crime Data

”Comparative analysis of Offences for 2008 & 2009”’

The data below show the crime statistics spread sheet on offences against Persons, offences against Property, offences against Lawful Authority
and offences against Local Acts, 2009 in all the State Commands

| Offences against Persons 2008- 35,109 // 2009- 38,955 ( Increase); Offences against Property 2008- 47,626 || 2009-64, 286 (Increase);
Offences against Authority 2008- 5,938 || 2009- 7,878 (Increase); Offences against Local Acts 2008- 90,156 || 2009- 1,378 (Decrease).

  • john uzoma

    The rate criminal activities go on without probe by the police in
    Mushin, lagos state is disheartening.

    The most recent case is that of a policemen this was after grup of okada people and rush down an old woman dwon. This not the first time, zone police men in port office Road mushin, has be arting like that.

    How can this be happening with out the police taking notice? They even go unifrom

    professional tactics should please question the DPO and stop all this from happening before this
    crime grows more than it is now.