• Peggy Cooldee

    Nigerian police force especially in lagos has turned into something else these days that we the civilians and also the youths don’t have a say anymore just because they are police officers the long arm of the law who are never to be questioned at all over anything .. It is high they are exposed for the monster they really are .. Most especially the area H divison at ogudu ojota and also sars at ijede ikorodu all they do is drive around in private cars and harass youths all the they would stop you on the road and start harassing you and searching your pockets and also your private phones especially blackberry phones and take you down to the atm machine and have a look at your account balance and threaten to lock you up if you don’t pay a certain amount of money FOR WHAT ??? Police are meant to respect peoples privacy no matter what and must always have a warrant to gain access to a persons privacy .. A lot of nigerian youths are been tortured everyday and also are been extorted by the nigerian police force every day for no just cause . A lot of people have lost those close to them due to the illegal activities performed by our so called nigerian police officers. The nigerian police force has now been turned into a business venture where by they make money everyday for their illegal activities on the streets of lagos and other parts of nigeria . I start to think and wonder what the nigerian police force is all about ? What they do ? I urge the Inspector general of police and the commissioner of police and most of all the governor of lagos state to address and tackle this issue before it gets out of hand . The police are meant to bring peace and order to the community and not disorganise the community and create war and unrest and sorrows for the citizens of the country .. The police should not missuse their power or authority .. If something is not done an uprising would start and the youths will react and a war would begin …. The citizens of nigeria and the youths are not slaves to the nigerian police force bribery and extortion and assult by our so called police officers in lagos and ikorodu must stop ..