• Olanrewaju John

    I met with Rev Emmanuel Akunekwe in 2008 through Pastor Mike
    who was my boss then and ask me to go to his church to snap picture of his
    members for plastic ID card. Since then we communicate with each other and I assist him solve almost everything that
    has to do with computer, also I thought him how to operate computer for free
    and the use of internet.

    In 2015 Rev Emmanuel
    Akunekwe called me that church now has media equipments ( Laptop, Duplicate,
    Camera MD 1000, Monitor), so Rev
    Emmanuel told me that the person that he contacted wanted to collect 20,000 for each person and that
    make it 60,000 per month and the training will last for three months,
    after saying all this I agree to teach
    the three guyz and he asked me how much
    am I collecting, I told him I will do it for free, base on our relationship and
    using that as a means to contribute to the work of God, the following are the
    guyz I decided to training (Obi Johnbosco, Pascal Chiwunka and Precious Ejims).

    I told the pastor that my house is far from the church, that
    I cant close in the office in the evening on Wednesday and also go to church later, Rev Emmanuel now
    said since his own house Is close to the church, I should come to his house
    after closing from office and that was why I do go to his house to rest before
    Pascal do open the church on Wednesday night.

    The name of the church is
    Christ New Creation Gospel Ministry, Abaranje Road, Omotayo Bus
    Stop, Ikotun, Lagos State.

    We agree for Sunday
    after service and Wednesday night for the training and Pascal was in charge of
    the key to open and close the church on Wednesday and close the church after
    training on Sunday. We started the
    training in Oct 2015 and we end our training in first week of March 2016, in
    April 2016 the media equipments were stolen from the church, Precious was the
    one that called me on Thursday morning though Rev Emmanuel was in church with
    some other member s of the church because program was going on when they
    discover the media equipments were not there, so I rushed to the church to meet them in the church,
    while we are talking I told Rev Emmanuel that we should report this to the
    police station, he said this is church issue, we don’t have to do that and he
    said he will called his father in the Lord ( Apostle Johnson Suleman ) to
    pronounce what will happen to the person. Since then I started bring a friend camera to cover
    church program and one Sunday pastor said I should not bring it again so church
    can think of buying another camera. I left
    the church in January 2017.

    In the second week of January 2017, Johnbosco and Precious
    came to my office with unknown police to my office in the name of Rev Emmanuel to search my house for the stolen equipment that took place in
    April 2016, I make a request that I want to called Rev Emmanuel but the Unknown
    police refused , who also said is known by the name Sunny, after the searching I called Rev Emmanuel to explain what happen,
    he said is the church committee that decided on that, immediately I dropped the
    call, I called the assistance pastor, pastor Uche Godson to find out why
    they send unknown police to my house, to
    my greatest surprise, he said his not aware of what am saying, that is not part
    of the committee that decide on such thing, his hearing it for the first
    time. In that same day in the evening, I
    sent a message to the whatsapp platform saying “ is because am the only Yoruba in that church and you feel you want to
    cheat me. Camera of how many month, you are not looking for” even when I chat
    with the first daughter of Rev Emmanuel
    , she also said the samething that “ why
    is daddy looking for camera that had been stolen for about 10 months” .

    On the 7th of March 2017, Rev Emmanuel Came to my Office to
    arrest me with a police at Ikotun division and I was took to the station and
    write a statement, collected my phone and refuse me to contact any of my
    family, I cant reach any one and I was
    detained. In my statement I mention
    Precious, Johnbosco and Pascal to be those that I teach and we do stay there
    together, my argument became why am I the only person that is now a suspect
    when we are four in that department and am not one that handle key, so I told
    the IPO inspector Adeosun to please also arrest the three boys which he said he
    will do that. I also said there are other people that have access to the key,
    which rev Emmanuel denied it. am just five months in that church so why will
    they now handle key to me alone in the church. Rev Emmanuel also claim that am just the only
    one that have access to the church key, no one else, and I told the inspector
    that during the training is Pascal that open and close the church but pastor
    denied so later I told Inspector Adeosun that he should get to the boys with
    out Rev Emmanuel and he promised to get
    them, the following morning 8th of March 2017, they brought me out
    of the cell, to my surprise I saw those boys with pastor and my first question
    was : who brought these guys here?
    The IPO answered me, he asked pastor to
    come with them but pastor don’t know
    reason why he invited them. Only for the police man to tell me that
    these three boys are witness and not suspect, the three boys also said that nobody in the church have access to
    key apart from me.

    I was return to the
    cell and later my wife and some of my family came to the station, the inspector took me to my house with pastor
    and ask my wife to stay at the station, they want to search my house, that make
    it the second time my house is been searched, after the searching, inspector
    Adeosun acknowledge that nothing is found in my house, I signed, Rev Emmanuel signed and Inspector Adeosun
    also signed that nothing is found in my house.

    we got back to the station and I was release on Wednesday 8th
    of March 2017 on bail, we paid N20,000 at the station for my bail, Rev Emmanuel was claiming that, what am doing
    in his house if not to collect key, and but using that to implicate me for no
    reason, Rev Emmanuel telling people that he called Apostle Johnson Suleman and
    he that am the one that stole the equipment , the same Apostle Suleman Johnson
    that said in 2016 that the people that stole the equipment will die in 7 days. Rev Emmanuel
    also claimed that I left the
    church immediately after the equipments were stolen and the three boys also
    claimed that too, but my tithe card is showing that I paid tithe to the church
    till November 20th 2016. I also said Rev Emmanuel and the three boys
    had agreed on what to say since the IPO failed to arrest those boys and ask
    pastor to bring, the IPO started insulting me.

    On the 10th of March 2017, I was taken to court but the case was withdraw from the court by
    my family that they want to talk to
    pastor on what to do, My family could
    not resolve it with pastor and they all back out, so Rev Emmanuel and Inspector
    Adesoun was putting pressure on me to pay back the money amounted to N416,000
    for the stolen equipments ( Camera MD 10000, Amplifier, Duplicator and Monitor)
    since I had never face such pressure in
    my life and for the seek of my wife and son, I agreed to pay but I said if only
    I can write my undertaking in my own
    way “ Am not the one that stole the
    equipments but I only agree to pay for the peace of my life and family” so
    Inspector Adeoun The IPO at ikotun division said I cant write an undertaken in that form,
    so he said I should just write “ I paid N50,000 and sign, so the IPO sign
    and my elder brother which his the witness to the N50, 000 I paid”, that
    was on the 5th of April 2017, also sign (Just
    before we left the station on 5th of April 2017, the pastor said
    that no matter what, even if the police could not collect his money the way he
    want, he knows how to collect it)

    On the 5th of
    May I was expected to pay another money to the police but I could not
    meet up, so my elder brother called Inspector
    Adeosun that am not able to get
    the money so we pleaded to 18th of May, but Rev Emmanuel was then
    started saying he will handle it in his own way and manner, 16th of
    May 2017 at my bus stop in the evening two guys come close to me and said “ do I think I will not pay that money
    completely” they left me , on the evening of on the 18th of May
    2017, two guys join me inside keke maruwa followed me to my bus stop and also get down with me , they
    approached me and said if you like run
    away you will pay that money and you cannot escape it.

    So I went to Area M Commander to report and explain what
    have been passing through to them , so
    was in asked to write a petition and forward it to them, that was on the
    20th of May 2017, then Inspector Adeosun and Rev Emmanuel had been
    threaten me, so I decided to leave my house and hide some where until on the 29th
    of May 2017, when we all meet at Area M Command, Idimu, Lagos, Then we are
    called for interview and questioning , during the questioning we discover that the
    police that came to my house with Johnbosco and Precious is unknown police
    cause pastor was claiming that the police did that on his own, then pastor was claiming is church committee
    that send the police but now it was discover that is pastor that approach
    the unknown police.

    Pastor also mention two other members of his church that
    handle and have access to the key ( Head
    usher Chioma and pastor younger
    sister Ngozi) after he mentioned them,
    the police man ( Supro Peter) who is handle
    the interview ask Rev. Emmanuel to
    provide the two members ( Chioma and Ngozi)
    since they have access to key,
    also pastor should provide the first police that came to search my house.

    Since then pastor refuse to appear at area M command even
    when called he don’t pick call again until Friday 16th of June 2017 when I got to area M command and I
    was told that the case had been transfer to zone 2 at onikan, Lagos.
    When I got there that same Friday I discover pastor had lied against me
    in his petition that am a cultist, he said have been going after the life of his church
    members, also he said further that he gave me a personal key to have access to
    church anytime, he said the worth of this stolen equipments is N2,500,000 of
    which at ikotun division he said is N416,000.

    When I was trying to explain the issue of unknown police
    they never allowed me and saying there is nothing like unknown police, so they concluded that since I had paid N50, 000 from that money then am the one that
    stole the equipment, which I disagree and after my statement they make attempt to put me inside the cell, and later I wanted
    to use my laptop to stand so I can go home with my wife, they refuse and
    demanded for N50, 000 for my bail, at
    last they collected N5000 and asked me
    to bring the balance of N20, 000 on
    Monday been 19th of June 2017
    for the bail

    Since I have no money to get a lawyer , pastor just want to
    cheat me, we are four in that department and pastor mention two more people
    that have access to key that makes us 6 that should be a suspect but he turn
    against since am the only one that is not more a member of the church, I discover they had taken side of the
    pastor and ready to deal with me for
    know reason. I need people and good Nigerians to help me out of this
    issue, Pastor Just want fight me just because I left his church .

    Rev Emmanuel Akunekwe is a member of Apostle Johnson
    Suleman network son;s of prophet, is one of the Lagos Coordinator.

    Is it a crime to contribute to the work of God.

    This is injustice

    I need justice

  • Peggy Cooldee

    Nigerian police force especially in lagos has turned into something else these days that we the civilians and also the youths don’t have a say anymore just because they are police officers the long arm of the law who are never to be questioned at all over anything .. It is high they are exposed for the monster they really are .. Most especially the area H divison at ogudu ojota and also sars at ijede ikorodu all they do is drive around in private cars and harass youths all the they would stop you on the road and start harassing you and searching your pockets and also your private phones especially blackberry phones and take you down to the atm machine and have a look at your account balance and threaten to lock you up if you don’t pay a certain amount of money FOR WHAT ??? Police are meant to respect peoples privacy no matter what and must always have a warrant to gain access to a persons privacy .. A lot of nigerian youths are been tortured everyday and also are been extorted by the nigerian police force every day for no just cause . A lot of people have lost those close to them due to the illegal activities performed by our so called nigerian police officers. The nigerian police force has now been turned into a business venture where by they make money everyday for their illegal activities on the streets of lagos and other parts of nigeria . I start to think and wonder what the nigerian police force is all about ? What they do ? I urge the Inspector general of police and the commissioner of police and most of all the governor of lagos state to address and tackle this issue before it gets out of hand . The police are meant to bring peace and order to the community and not disorganise the community and create war and unrest and sorrows for the citizens of the country .. The police should not missuse their power or authority .. If something is not done an uprising would start and the youths will react and a war would begin …. The citizens of nigeria and the youths are not slaves to the nigerian police force bribery and extortion and assult by our so called police officers in lagos and ikorodu must stop ..